Cinco De Mayo!


Hi all! Hope you are gearing up for a fun and exciting weekend! Tomorrow I graduate from Grad School (YAYAYAYAYYY!!) and  I plan to spend the day with family and friends celebrating! Coincidentally, tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo, so you too have some celebrating to do!

In honor of this fabulous occasion, I wish you margaritas, burritos, salsa dancing, and mustaches! :)

To help you prepare for the occasion with as much Vintage flair as possible:

Vintage Mexican Dress with Ribbon and Lace - Pretty Blue Mexican Dress with Tiered skirt and Off the Shoulder Appeal

Vintage MEXICAN Dress White Rainbow EMBROIDERED Floral FESTIVAL

Vintage 1950s Red Mexican Circle Skirt Dress Rockabilly

Vintage Mexican Dress EMBROIDERED Bright FLORAL Midi S/M

Sexy Senorita Oatmeal Cotton Bohemian Gypsy Vintage Mexican Hand Embroidered Dress

Vintage Technicolor Parrot Mexican Tent Dress (size small, medium, large)

And for accessories... :)

Vintage Sombreros.  1970s, Child Size, Mexican Hats.  Red, Green, Woven Straw.  SET OF TWO.  Kitsch, Vintage Decor, Display, Fiesta.

Mexican Blanket Poncho Vintage

Vintage Orange Maraca Rumba Shaker, Mexico

Happy Cinco De Mayo all!! Have fun and celebrate safely! :)



  1. Enjoy the celebration and Congrats!!!! I still remember my graduation:O)It was amazing experience. I hope that you have some photos!

    Do you want to follow each other with Bloglovin and GFC? If you do just let me know!:)


    1. Following!!!

      Thanks so much for the comment!

  2. Love this style! When I was a kid, I went to Mexico and brought home a couple dresses. Kicking myself now for not keeping them.. The oatmeal off the shoulder is my fave.

    Aydon <3

    1. I know the feeling! I always regret letting pieces from my closet go... but you can only keep so much!

      Thanks for the comment. :)


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