Off the Beaten Path


Hi everyone :) Hope you all had wonderful Fridays and are already enjoying your weekend! :)

Our trip to the mountains was long this morning (took us about 7.5 hours) but boy was it worth it! It is so beautiful and serene up here! The lakeside cabin we're staying in is only discovered after traveling up the mountain on curvy, gravel roads. As you're headed to the cabin, you are greeted by a small, wooden bridge and an old set of railroad tracks. The mountainside is beautifully wooded with creeks running throughout. It seemed like every 20 yards or so I wanted to stop to take more and more pictures!

After we got settled in the cabin, we went down to the dock on the lake to cast a few lines! I caught the first fish, a small 4 inch bass using squirmy worms as my bait! :) I got a bite on my line almost every time I cast out!

After fishing, we all hopped in the car to head into the small little town. We decided to eat at a cute little Mexican restaurant we passed on the way in. The food was delicious! There were lots of locals eating there; the place was packed!

With full bellies, we hopped back in the car to head home to the cabin. Aaron and I relaxed in the hot tub on the deck while watching the fireflies light up all around us; it made me feel like a kid again, especially when Aaron caught a few in a jar for me! :)

Now I'm sitting in the living room enjoying sharing my day with you all.
I hope you enjoyed looking through my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

With love from the mountainside,


  1. Sounds like fun and you got some great photos! The bridge is definitely my favorite. Don't know why I'm so fascinated with them, but I am!

    1. Thanks Sheryl! I loved that little bridge, too!

  2. Oh my... that trip looks so worth it - so pretty. I love going into nature, it's absolutely my favourite thing ever!! AND you look so cute!! xo V

  3. Stopping by from the Interactive Blog Team, Etsy. I'm glad i did! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and the wonderful experience you had on your retreat. Are you ready for a new week of fun? Looking forward to your posts.


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