Hello friends! 

As mentioned in my last post, Aaron and I will be road tripping it up tomorrow morning! We will be off to the Blue Ridge Mountains at 7 am sharp for a fun weekend getaway! I would love to leave earlier, but since Aaron works the night shift, we will be leaving right when he gets home; he'll be sleeping and I'll be cruising! Let's hope we don't end up in Arkansas or something!

In honor of our little road trip fun, let's take a peek at how you would travel cross-country Vintage style! :)

First, you'll need to pack up all your vintage goodies in a colorful and fun suitcase, like this fabulous hot pink set!
Pair of Hot Pink Samsonite Fashionaire Suitcases // Luggage Travel Storage Organization
Source: heartkeyologie

Your makeup and toiletries won't be left behind in this lovely train case!
Train Case Red American Tourister Train Case Suitcase

After you lug all those bags outside (which I'm sure are not overpacked... right?), you'll have to load them up in your vintage trailer! I'll take the pink one!

When it's time for gas, you could fill up at an adorable vintage inspired gas station!

You'll definitely want to grab a bite to eat in a cute little retro diner!
Source:  Robert Gniewek

And of course, stop and take lots of photos along the way!
Source: Twila Jean

Hoping for a safe and fun-filled trip! :) :) :)))) Will let you all know how the drive is! 

With love,


  1. Hi Shannon! Following you back now :)

    I love those retro campers!!

    Cup of Tea

    1. Me too! How much fun would it be to travel in one of those!?

  2. Visiting from Etsy! Your blog is exactly the kind I love to read! Very Cute, and I am following you now!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! :)


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