Vintage Summer Picnic!


It's warm out, the sun is shining, the grass is greener than ever, and the birds are chirping away! What's the best way to enjoy these wonderful traits of Summer?? How about a Vintage Summer Picnic?!!

How much fun would it be to have an intimate Summer picnic with your honey or a fun picnic party with close friends? Of course, having a Vintage inspired picnic would only add to the fun! :)

Photo By: Eden Photography

Here are some ideas for your Vintage Summer Picnic!!

Vintage Picnic Set, Service for Six, Bakelite Handle Silverware, Hemcoware Dishes, Picnic Decor, Camping, Summer
Love how this set holds everything in place!

vintage wicker picnic basket with red and white checked interior
How adorable is that red gingham lining??

set of vintage picnic plates
LOVE the colors of these plates!

vintage 60's mid century red ball picnic set atomic orb outing set
How neat is this!!

Plaid Picnic Party Thermos Set
This plaid picnic Themos set is TO DIE FOR!

Knapp Monarch Therma-a-Chest Beer & Picnic Cooler // Ice Chest // St. Louise USA
Imagine showing up to a vintage picnic with this bad boy in hand!!

Of course, you'd have to keep everyone entertained!!

Vintage Croquet Mallet and Ball Red

Vintage Badminton Feather Shuttlecocks Original Can

And of course a vintage camera to capture all the fun!

Ising Isoflex Twin Lens Reflex TLR Camera - Germany

Any plans for a fun Vintage inspired Picnic this Summer?! 



  1. Cute post! I love a good vintage picnic :)

    Cup of Tea

  2. Replies
    1. Following you back now! (Cup of Tea is, but that's me! Haha, I have two accounts I use so the comment above and this one are both me)

      Cup of Tea

  3. I love all this! I have planning a summer picnic on my bucket list and this post 100% inspired me. I need all these fun things!!! SO happy I found your blog. Seriously, the cutest.


    1. Thanks Deidre! Glad to inspire you! If you ever mark that one off your bucket list you definitely need to post about it! Loving your blog, too! :)


  4. cute pics! its a shame that the weather is rubbish where I am!

    1. Thanks Kim! The weather her is so hot and humid right now! You literally sweat walking from the front door to the car!

      I'll be traveling to Italy and Portugal in a few weeks for work, so hopefully the weather is nice! :)



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