Friday Night Musings


Yayyy!! It's Friday!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! I know mine is going to be quite eventful!

My little brother is home on leave from Afghanistan so my family is going to come visit for the afternoon tomorrow! Aaron works tonight so I am just moseying around trying to clean up the house yet my little kitties are being quite distracting (why thank you little kitties). 

P.s. This is Jasmine being oh so cute.. and distracting!

And this is Duchess sitting on Jasmine. (Did anyone else notice Jasmine's evil look and strategically placed leg??)

You know, I'm not quite sure I ever specified what Aaron does for a living, lol... when you hear "night shift" you could think some crazy things... think about it. Okay so now that you've thought about it you really need to let me know the first thing that came to your mind-- this should be interesting!! And as interesting as an episode of COPS is Aaron's day night job. Aaron is a Deputy with the Sheriff's Office! Since he's a rookie, he works the late shift 7 pm - 7 am. The nights do get a little lonely for me, and I do continually worry about him, but I have begun to finally adjust to this schedule and it actually isn't so bad. :)

Anyways, I am totally getting sidetracked in all aspects tonight (can I blame it on the kitties again?) :)
So my family is coming tomorrow afternoon, but before they even arrive I have LOTS of new inventory to photograph for my shop!! I have fallen a bit behind with all the traveling for work/pleasure I have been doing lately-- plus I only like to shoot in natural light so this really only leaves me the weekends. And since I only like to shoot on the weekends that Aaron is working (since he sleeps the whole morning), that leaves me only every other weekend. So, needless to say, I am behind and will be modeling a ton of clothes tomorrow. I'll be sure to post photos of my favorites!

Okay, I probably should stop rambling now to spare you the rest of your Friday evening. :) Plus, I probably should go clean....something.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :)

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  1. your cats are sooooo precious!

    visiting you from the etsy top treasury team :) great blog!



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