NYC in December


Booked our flights to NYC in December. Already so excited to walk all over Manhattan while emerging myself in the abundance of holiday cheer and Christmas spirit! :) :) 

I love Tampa, but I dream of living in a big city with so many cultural elements surrounding me at all times. Maybe one day.

Can fall just hurry up already?! :) Too bad we don't experience all four seasons in Florida; instead we are spoiled with hot, hot and humid, mildly cold, and freezing cold!  No changing of the leaves either, they just go from alive and green to dead and brown. Ugh.

Any upcoming travel plans?

xx, Shannon


  1. That will be so much fun! Bring so many layers. You won't believe how ice cold it gets in the Northeast in December!

    <3 Melissa

  2. FLorida seasons really are such a drag! We are going to utah for chirstmas so lots of snow for us :) I bet NYC will be magical though! By the way, I am really interested in doing a button swap with you. Email me and let me know what you think :)

  3. aww i'm so excited for you! although NYC is like a couple tens of thousands of miles away from where i live, i still have that fantasy for the beautiful city. I'm so going to get my butts over to the city someday! :P

    {the Picablocks}


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