A Busy Week


I literally have sat down to write this post about 6 times this past week, but was constantly swept away to focus on other things.

Work has been absolutely crazy. I feel like I spend all day on conference calls with folks in Spain, Italy, and Portugal (gotta love all those accents!). I may even be heading to Portugal again for business next month, so if I think I am busy now.. oh jeez.

Though I was super busy, last week did have a lot of fun jam packed into it, though!

Aaron took me to see Jekyll and Hyde on Wednesday and I absolutely LOVED it! We purchased student tickets (for only $20!!) an hour before the show and were able to get 10th row orchestra seats!!!!!! eeee!!! Jekyll and Hyde is extra dear to my heart since I performed in this musical in high school!

I'm fifth from the left, shimmying my heart out!

We also had lots of fun yesterday at Aaron's uncle's wedding! :) Aaron's uncle married into a Greek family, so there was a lot of fun dancing, yelling OOPAH, and throwing money everywhere! Needless to say it was an awesome time! :)


On a side note, I began photographing our home for a house tour and plan to post about the downstairs later this week! :))

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :)
xx, Shannon

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