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As I wrote about last week, I realized that we had far too many things taking over our home. Of course we had many things that we needed, but we also had too many things that we purely just wanted. I decided that I was tired of stressing over the unnecessary things and set to work! My epiphany couldn't have come at a better time because our semi-annual community yard sale was last Saturday! My mom and dad came to keep me company while Aaron slept (he worked the night before) and we had a great time and a lot of laughs. I think I made a lousy $20 and my mom didn't sell a single thing (Sorry mom! I outed you on the internet!) but we both were quite happy donating everything that didn't sell and freeing ourselves of the clutter!

So, to prepare for the yard sale, I tackled the one room in the house that had been taken over by things: The guest room/office/sewing & craft room/vintage storage room/the room where I put anything and everything that doesn't have a specific place.
I'm going to warn you now... it was pretty bad.

I think this is definitely one of those scenarios where a picture speaks louder than words. 

 I can't believe I am sharing this photo for all the world to see, but I think it helps tell the story

Yikes! That's pretty bad! Vintage clothing racks, sewing goodies in bags on the desk, random things on the dresser at the foot of the bed, disheveled drawers and a cluttered dresser against the wall. Basically, there was just too much stuff for this little room to handle. I started by making a list of needs vs wants. Sewing machine -- need. Desk, bed, dresser -- need. Vintage clothing -- need (since I sell online!), etc. After compiling my list, I began to organize. This photo was taken at a point where many things that had a place, weren't in their place. Just putting craft things away in their boxes, fabric in their drawers, made a huge difference to begin with! Once I organized, I started to sort things into piles, and then began labeling and pricing items I was parting with. A few hours later and I was not only ready for the yard sale, I was already feeling a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders!

Before I share the afters, I'll share the in-between. 

I had to share this one of my parent's dog Lola, since she just looked so darn cute! 

Our scary zombie man was not for sale (though many did try to purchase him!) Aaron and I love to decorate for holidays, can't you tell?! 

Lots of laughs and $20 worth of sales later and we arrive at this.


I feel SO accomplished, organized, tidy; you name a positive feeling.. and that's me! I am on cloud nine being able to actually work in my office without pulling my hair out! And I am practically begging someone to come here and stay the night in my clean guest room! It just feels great to look at that before picture, and then to look around me and see the difference.

My house finally feels like it's coming together! This was the only room that really was amassed with too many things and now that I've tackled this one, I feel less guilty accomplishing little projects around the house (like switching out light fixtures, painting here and there, etc!) I think it may be time to start photographing for a house tour to share with you all!! :) 

So, have any of you started tackling your clutter? Are you all still breathing after seeing my before picture? :)

Tomorrow I plan to share a simple and easy recipe, so do please come back!

xx, Shannon

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  1. That looks so much better! I really need to clean up and organize my room. It's starting to get pretty messy.

    <3 Melissa


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