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Hi everyone! As you know, Aaron and I live in a townhome. Our townhome is generously larger than our last apartment, but it definitely isn't the biggest space known to man. If it were just Aaron living in the house, he would have plenty of space (the place would practically be empty); however, I live there too and let's just face it.. I.have.stuff. Lots of STUFF! Whether it be clothing, vintage fashion, vintage dishes, my sewing fabrics, paints, crafting goodies, vintage lamps (my weird obsession), etc.. You name it, I probably have one.. or three. So when we spotted an "as-is" piece of furniture at Ikea last night that was 60% off, we took the bait. 

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Say hello to my new "china cabinet"! I immediately loved this piece because it would match perfectly in our kitchen (since our cabinets are white) and because it's not enormous like most traditional china cabinets are. We don't have a formal dining room so a large china cabinet just wouldn't work with our layout and we had to find something that would fit in the kitchen nook (where most people may put a small pub set).

The cherry on top was the fact that A. this piece was originally almost $400 and it was marked down to $155 since it was the floor model. We looked it up and down and there wasn't a blemish in sight; it was only missing one pane of glass -- we saw this as an easy fix. And B. this piece was already assembled, we wouldn't have to put anything together!! I'm a big fan of Ikea but I'm not a big fan of Ikea assembly, so this was like an added bonus! 

I absolutely love the piece as is but of course I am planning to make a few improvements. :) 
1. I want to spray the knobs a brushed nickel color to match the stainless appliances and brushed nickel hardware we already installed on our cabinets. 
2. I also want to paper the inside of the glass cabinets with a fun print that would match our kitchen!
This ikat print from paper mojo is the winner! I love the pattern, the colors, and the price. :)

I'll be sure to post before and after pictures of the piece to share with you all! :)

So what do you guys think? Do you think it was a smart buy? Have you found any awesome clearance or "as-is" pieces lately?

xx, Shannon

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  1. I think that's an AWESOME deal! I love Ikea too but you're right the assembly can get kinda frustrating...
    And please do post after pics! I love that pattern, it's going to be so pretty!



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