My New Toy :)


I am so excited to say that I am the proud owner of an iMac! I worked really hard on my freelance blog and graphic design last month and saved up my earnings to treat myself to this bad boy!!! So, so soooo excited! :)

xx, Shannon

P.s. I started a MAJOR overhaul in our guest bedroom/office (just in time for our community wide yardsale this weekend!) Pictures and details to come in the next few days! :)

P.s.s Check out my blog design shop here and portfolio here.


  1. YAY for Mac and forever 21!!!! :D :D :D

  2. I am soooo jealous! Hi pretty lady! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and follow me too!


  3. Yay!! I was super excited when I got mine and sometimes I still just stare at "Sapphire" she is so pretty! ;) lol so now let's talk design! I'm needed an update and wanting to add some new stuff to the blog soon!!!

  4. NICE! My bf just got a Macbook and the quality of picture is unreal. You'll defnitely see a difference.


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