Pumpkin Patch Adventures!


Saying that we had fun at the Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze on Saturday would be an understatement!
It was so nice to get away to that small town 45 minutes North for a few hours. We had a blast and as usual shared lots of laughs together.

We went on the hayride --Aaron's first time! Not me, though, I grew up in the sticks so I def have experience riding hay!
We conquered the corn maze!
We picked out an enormous pumpkin -- no, really... it's ENORMOUS!!
We had lunch at a small little cuban cafe -- delicious!

All in all it was a great retreat from work, and the everyday stresses that come along with it.

Here's some photos of our adventure, enjoy!

xx, Shannon


Aaron attempting to be tough on the ride there!

A beautiful sunflower field greeted us as we arrived at the farm.

Pretty pumpkins!

Mom and Dad looking all cutesy with the pumpkins. (Yes Dad, I put your photo on my blog without your permission -- muahahahaha!!!)

Trying not to show how heavy the pumpkin was! Check out those biceps! You're all welcome for the free tickets to the gun show!

Trying to be cutesy, too!

Nailed it. This is pretty much as cutesy as it gets!

Enjoying his first hayride!

 Love him. :)

Tackling the corn maze! There were markers with coordinating questions throughout the maze to make sure you were on the right path!


Mom told me not to put this one up but she looked so cute so I just had to!!


Our reward for surviving the children of the corn (hahahahahha!)? A HUGE pumpkin!!

Looks great under our new magnolia tree!


  1. this looks like so much fun! I am loving those pics of the sunflower field! I have always wanted to take pictures of a sunflower field! So beautiful!



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