Halloween Prep - Take 1


I am absolutely, positively excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and Aaron's birthday, and Christmas, etc!

Halloween is that one holiday that marks the beginning of my absolute favorite time of the year! Aaron and I love decorating both inside and out because we have a lot of little ones living around our neighborhood, so we definitely get visitors on Halloween! I love putting together goodie bags for the kids!

Anywho, we started decorating this weekend but we still have lots to do! Here's a peek at what we've done so far. :) We have purchased all of our decorations heavily discounted the day after Halloween the past few years! :) Our affordable collection is growing!


We've also been busy working on lots of little upgrades and projects around the house (painting, light fixtures, faucet upgrades, etc). I can't wait to finish them all so I can share them with you!

xx, Shannon

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  1. Great thinking buying them after the season for the next year!

    <3 Melissa


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