YAY Friday!! -- 12 DIY Days of Christmas starts on Monday!


YAY! Friday is here!!! I thought this day would never come. Work has been absolutely CRAYYYY-ZEEE. (I try to use the word "cray" all the time and I always sound like an idiot.. lol!) Anywho, this week we have been super busy at home. We put up all the Christmas lights and decorations (photos to come), celebrated Aaron's 25th birthday, and we now have to begin planning and packing for our vacation. Anyone else feel like they leave work just to go home and do more work? Yeah, I've been feeling like that lately.

Maybe I should start a little vacation countdown to keep myself extra cheery? I could do one of those little paper ring garlands where you rip off a ring as you get closer and closer to your occasion?! I think this is a definite and I definitely think I'll hang it in my cubicle.. yeah I'm that person. HAHAAHA.

Thinking about NYC made me start reminiscing on past vacations. :) Washington DC in 2010!

I have a very fun series planned to begin on Monday titled the "12 DIY Days of Christmas"!! I'll be posting 12 days worth of easy, affordable DIY Christmas projects to inspire you to get crafty around the house with handmade decorations! :) I've been slaving away on these projects and just cannot wait to get them posted! :) I hope that you'll stop by each day to check it out and if I do inspire any of you to get out that glue gun, please share your works of Christmas art!! :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! :) See you on Monday with project #1. Hint it involves pinecones and burlap! :)

xx, Shannon


P.s Is anyone as obsessed with Grumpy Cat as I am? bahaha!!!

A Trip to NYC -- Any suggestions?


In two weeks we'll be headed up to one of our favorite vacation spots, New York City. :) I am already SO excited for this trip though I am not overly excited for the bitterly cold weather. Guess I'll be packing layers!

So with our trip quickly approaching, I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on places to visit, yummy restaurants, small bakeries or cafes, fun shops, etc! I have been to NYC many times and this time I think I want to try to visit some areas that are less touristy than the areas most normally visit (Times Square, Central Park, etc).

Any suggestions would be wonderful! :)

So far our plans include Mary Poppins, The Rockettes, and a Nets game. :)

Thanks so much for your input! :) I can't wait to go on our trip and to share with you the fun we had. :)

Little old me back in 2008 :)

xx, Shannon

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart


You make me the happiest girl in the world. I am so fortunate to have such a smart, funny, handsome, kind, and caring man in my life. :) I hope your 25th birthday is as wonderful as you are. :)

I love you to the moon and back.
Happy Birthday Aaron!

xx, Shannon

Thanksgiving Prep!


Our table decor last year.

Hi everyone! Are you running around like a chicken with your head cut off today too? Please say yes because that will make me feel more like a normal person. :)

The big day is tomorrow, and both my family and Aaron's family will all be squeezing into our dining room and living room for lots of food, football, and fun! :) I'm excited to have everyone over again this year, but I am also a tab bit more stressed since I have been much busier this year and haven't had much time to prepare.

Aaron and I are kicking it into high gear today to get everything ready for tomorrow!!

I was wondering if there were any dishes that I could prepare tonight to have ready for tomorrow and I stumbled upon this link and this one -- most of the dishes are super fancy but maybe they'll inspire one of you to prepare them tonight! :)

I also happened upon this one titled "How to Fake a Clean House", and it definitely made me laugh because hey, if you don't have time to clean your house.. there is still hope for you to fake it!! :) Aaron and I may be using a few of these tips.. just keeping it real. 

Anyways, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! :) Enjoy your time spent with family and friends and eat like you haven't done so in 2 months (I know I will!)!

xx, Shannon

DIY Master Bathroom Remodel -- Update!!


Update: See the completely finished master bathroom in all it's glory right here!

Well, after 3 long weekends of work, our bathroom is 90% done! :)))))

I am ecstatic with how amazing it has turned out so far! It just goes to show that you CAN do a full-out upgrade to your bathroom on a small budget (we only spent around $1500!).

Okay, enough of the chit chat; let's let the photos do the talking! Oh yeah, keep in mind our bathroom has pretty much zero natural light. I tried to point out the "true" colors when I could.

DIY Bathroom Remodel

Wood Look Floor Tiles

DIY Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Brushed Nickel Showerhead

Bathroom Remodel Chair Height Toilet

Bathroom Remodel White Vanity

Bathroom Remodel Limestone Vanity

Brushed Nickel Faucet

So what do you think?? Pretty awesome, right?!

As a reminder, here's what the bathroom used to look like:

Here's what's left to finish:
Install vanity in bedroom hall that leads to bathroom (far right picture above)
Install new mirrors
Install new light fixtures
Hang shower curtain
Hang towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc
Finish up small grout area
Purchase new towels and accessories

Though we're not done yet, we've come a long way over these past 3 weekends of work..

Low Budget Bathroom Remodel
so glad we're past this stage!

Once everything is finished up, I'll be posting final photos, specifics about our purchases (paint colors, faucet models, etc), all the hiccups we were faced with (because let's keep it real, not everything went as smooth as butter), as well as a budget breakdown. :)

So what do you think? Look a million times better to you? Have you been tackling any DIY lately? Let me know! :)

xx, Shannon

P.s. We also did some quick and easy upgrades to our half bath that I'll be sharing in the next few days!

P.s.s I have the best dad ever, and am so thankful that he helped us with everything! :)

Update: See the completely finished master bathroom in all it's glory right here!

Friday Favorites -- Bathroom Edition


Yayyy it's Friday! I feel like this week literally zoomed by! Our bathroom should be pretty much FINISHED by Sunday, can I get an amen?! I can't wait to shower at my own house!! (We've been showering at the fitness center for 2 weeks). 

I promise to share lots of photos of the bathroom soon. With the time change, I don't have much natural light by the time I get home from work so this weekend I'll be sure to take a lot of photos to share with you all! :) I have been so tempted to do a post but I don't want to have to use poorly lit photos. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Anything fun planned?

xx, Shannon

P.s. In honor of our bathroom remodel, I thought I would share some photos of some awesome bathrooms in an assortment of different design styles! :)

Traditional Bathroom Design
Photo Source

Classic Bathroom Design
Photo Source

Glamorous Hollywood Regency Bathroom

Eclectic Bohemian Inspired Bathroom

Vintage Inspired Bathroom

Recent Recipe Roundup


Hi all! 

Wow, what a busy weekend! We worked really hard on the bathroom and are definitely beginning to see the finish line developing right in front of our eyes (YAY for being able to shower at our own house in the near future)! My parents came on Saturday and we installed the floor. Saying I love it would be an understatement; It's my favorite floor in the whole house! :) I'll be providing lots of pictures and details in my post tomorrow. :)

But for today, I wanted to share a few recipes that I have made this past week, as well as a few I will be making this week! I hope you've already had your breakfast/lunch, because if not, you'll be hungry after this one! 0:)

Last week I made...

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake -- I burned my white chocolate chips, so had to then use dark chocolate.. still delicious!

This week I'm making...


Picture of Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Well now that I am drooling all over my keyboard; let me know if you made anything yummy last week or are planning to make anything this week! I'd love for you to share your delicious recipes! :)

xx, Shannon

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday all!

It's a chilly morning down here in Florida! Hope you're all bundled up and staying warm! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
xx, Shannon

My little brother, Travis -- a United States Marine. Love him times infinity!

Veterans Day is Sunday. Please take a moment to be thankful for your freedoms and those who protect them. There are many out there who will be in mourning this Veteran's day weekend, so please be kind and sympathetic to that stranger who just seems to be having a miserable day; You never know their struggles.
--Support our troops here. Whether it's a donation of time, money, or just a smile; anything is a help!

On a lighter note :)
Wait your turn, eggnog! Pumpkin pie nog is here!

Indoor workouts for small spaces -- perfect for chilly days like today!

Totally itching to travel. Prague looks absolutely beautiful and this deal is calling my name! I focus more with Western Europe at work (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, etc) but one of my co-workers has been traveling to Prague, Hungary, Slovakia; she says its absolutely stunning!

Bathroom Remodel -- My Vanity Dilemma


Alright, I need some help. As I mentioned before, I am really unsure what to do with our vanities. I am bouncing around between a million different ideas and I really need to start thinking about making a decision.

As a memory refresher, here are our current vanities (sorry for the poor quality photos -- the lighting isn't that great in our bathroom)


And here are the different options that I am tossing around. :)

1. Re-purpose vintage dressers
I am bouncing around between either mid century modern style, or french provincial. Here are two great candidates for the smaller vanity that I found on craigslist this morning (both are $60).

They are both good sizes for the area and are pretty standard "styles" that I think I could easily find a similar match to for the larger vanity.
Either dresser would be painted to better fit the room (and the top coated with a sealant to protect from water splashes).

Here are two inspiration pieces that I am really drawn to:
Dresser Do-Over       White Beaded Board
Source: 1 & 2

2. Buy brand new vanities
This is also an option (though a much more expensive option). My dilemma here is do I go with white vanities, or a wood tone? I'm just not sure what would look best in the space.
Here are a few different vanities that I like:


Looking at these vanities, it seems like I am leaning towards cleaner lines and a space for baskets or towels under the drawers (which I think would open up the space a little more than what I have now).

3. Upgrade the existing vanities
My least favorite option would be to keep the vanities we have now, upgrade the counter top, sink, faucet, and add knobs to the cabinets.

Possible counter top options:
allen + roth 31"W x 22"D Desert Gold Granite Vanity Top allen + roth 31-in W x 22-in D Eagle Giallo Quartz Vanity Top

So what do you guys think? I am learning more towards option 1 or 2 rather than option 3. Any suggestions from you guys on what you think would work best?

Have a wonderful Thursday!

xx, Shannon

New Design -- Joo likey?


So last night I couldn't sleep and I decided to make a few tweeks to the blog design. Well, 2 hours and 100 tweeks later I ended up with a complete new design! Oops? 0:)

Here's what she (yes, I am personifying my blog.. not weird at all) was looking like before:

And here's what she looks like now:

Big change, huh? I'm much happier with how everything is looking now; though I'm sure I'll continue to keep making little changes here and there.

Mainly, I wanted to liven up the white space and make room to display sponsor spots -- which are totally free! See here for more details on how you can share your blog, etsy shop, etc. right on my sidebar!

Oh and if you ever want to spice up your blog, keep me in mind! My inner nerd loves doing this kind of thing. :)

xx, Shannon

P.s. The bathroom remodel is still chugging along! More updates and photos tomorrow! 

Bathroom Remodel -- Phase 1


Hi everyone!

So, the moment I have been anticipating for MONTHS arrived last week! We are remodeling our bathroom... eeeeee!!!!!!! :)

We started our project last Friday and I am already so happy with the progress! Okay, I'm so excited that I'm jumping ahead. I need to simmer down a notch! Let's start with what the bathroom looked like pre-remodel.

Our bathroom is relatively small, and is kind of a weird layout. We have 2 vanities; however, one is inside the bathroom and one is outside of the bathroom in the "hall" that leads from our bedroom to the bathroom (our closets are in this hall, too). To better visualize our layout, here's a quick sketch.

Not sure if any of you remember, but I started posting inspiration for our remodel here back in July!

Since July, some of our ideas and plans for the bathroom changed, but a lot of them held pretty solid!

We definitely still wanted to keep the room light and bright (since it is small and lacking any natural light). We chose a smaller scale subway tile for the shower/tub wall tile and went with a neutral colored accent tile to add a little bit of color to the tiled wall. Our hopes were that the smaller subway tiles would make the room look a little bigger -- and I definitely think that this was a great choice!

Sneak peak of our current progress!

We did decide against the white tile floor that I originally loved! sad face :( I was just afraid that there would be too much white -- which is such a great look; however I didn't want our bathroom to not blend in with the rest of the house.. you know what I mean? So since both Aaron and I really liked the look of "wood plank" tiles, we went that route for the flooring! We'll be installing that this weekend, so I'll wait to share the exact tile we chose. :) Ahh the Suspense!!!!

As for the vanity, I am still definitely on the fence...
Here's a better shot of what we're living with now. Pretty standard, builders grade cabinets and a laminate countertop.

 I really want to re-purpose vintage dressers, however it is proving to be quite difficult to find two similar dressers that will fit both of our vanity areas. Plus, do I want to go the french provincial route or the mid century modern route? So many decisions! I will just have to keep scouring the web for inspiration (and if you have any ideas, please share!) And for the fun of it, please tell me you love these dresser makeovers as much as I do! Ugh! I wish we had a bigger bathroom!!!

Dresser Do-Over       White Beaded Board
Source: 12

For the wall color, I definitely wanted something light and neutral. I am bouncing around between a few different shades and will also wait to reveal our choice until after it is up on the walls. :) I'm evil, I know!

We decided that if we were remodeling the bathroom, we were doing it big! So, we ripped out everything (btw, coolest dad EVER/DIY master in the first photo -- Love you dad!)!!!

We installed our new tub last weekend and will be replacing the toilet this weekend when were working on the floors! Our old tub was pretty yucky and despite all the scrubbing and bleachy bathroom cleaners on the planet, it wasn't coming clean! I picked out a much deeper, acrylic tub that is more edgy and less round; which I think definitely plays well with other finish choices we chose, which I will also save to reveal in a future post. 0:)

"Hey guys, get in the old tub so I can take your picture!!!!!"
Aaron and my brother Richie may murder me for this, but... totally worth it! muahahahaha!!!

Okay, so that's all I'm revealing right now! We're going to be grouting the wall tile tonight and purchasing our paint tomorrow! Yay for progress!

I'll share some more bathroom details later this week. :)

xx, Shannon

P.s. Anyone else working on any remodel projects lately? I'd love to hear/read about them!
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