Bathroom Remodel -- Phase 1


Hi everyone!

So, the moment I have been anticipating for MONTHS arrived last week! We are remodeling our bathroom... eeeeee!!!!!!! :)

We started our project last Friday and I am already so happy with the progress! Okay, I'm so excited that I'm jumping ahead. I need to simmer down a notch! Let's start with what the bathroom looked like pre-remodel.

Our bathroom is relatively small, and is kind of a weird layout. We have 2 vanities; however, one is inside the bathroom and one is outside of the bathroom in the "hall" that leads from our bedroom to the bathroom (our closets are in this hall, too). To better visualize our layout, here's a quick sketch.

Not sure if any of you remember, but I started posting inspiration for our remodel here back in July!

Since July, some of our ideas and plans for the bathroom changed, but a lot of them held pretty solid!

We definitely still wanted to keep the room light and bright (since it is small and lacking any natural light). We chose a smaller scale subway tile for the shower/tub wall tile and went with a neutral colored accent tile to add a little bit of color to the tiled wall. Our hopes were that the smaller subway tiles would make the room look a little bigger -- and I definitely think that this was a great choice!

Sneak peak of our current progress!

We did decide against the white tile floor that I originally loved! sad face :( I was just afraid that there would be too much white -- which is such a great look; however I didn't want our bathroom to not blend in with the rest of the house.. you know what I mean? So since both Aaron and I really liked the look of "wood plank" tiles, we went that route for the flooring! We'll be installing that this weekend, so I'll wait to share the exact tile we chose. :) Ahh the Suspense!!!!

As for the vanity, I am still definitely on the fence...
Here's a better shot of what we're living with now. Pretty standard, builders grade cabinets and a laminate countertop.

 I really want to re-purpose vintage dressers, however it is proving to be quite difficult to find two similar dressers that will fit both of our vanity areas. Plus, do I want to go the french provincial route or the mid century modern route? So many decisions! I will just have to keep scouring the web for inspiration (and if you have any ideas, please share!) And for the fun of it, please tell me you love these dresser makeovers as much as I do! Ugh! I wish we had a bigger bathroom!!!

Dresser Do-Over       White Beaded Board
Source: 12

For the wall color, I definitely wanted something light and neutral. I am bouncing around between a few different shades and will also wait to reveal our choice until after it is up on the walls. :) I'm evil, I know!

We decided that if we were remodeling the bathroom, we were doing it big! So, we ripped out everything (btw, coolest dad EVER/DIY master in the first photo -- Love you dad!)!!!

We installed our new tub last weekend and will be replacing the toilet this weekend when were working on the floors! Our old tub was pretty yucky and despite all the scrubbing and bleachy bathroom cleaners on the planet, it wasn't coming clean! I picked out a much deeper, acrylic tub that is more edgy and less round; which I think definitely plays well with other finish choices we chose, which I will also save to reveal in a future post. 0:)

"Hey guys, get in the old tub so I can take your picture!!!!!"
Aaron and my brother Richie may murder me for this, but... totally worth it! muahahahaha!!!

Okay, so that's all I'm revealing right now! We're going to be grouting the wall tile tonight and purchasing our paint tomorrow! Yay for progress!

I'll share some more bathroom details later this week. :)

xx, Shannon

P.s. Anyone else working on any remodel projects lately? I'd love to hear/read about them!


  1. Love your bathroom! By the way after looking at your layout, was just wondering if your closet looks like Carrie Bradshaw's from Sex and the city?

    1. Hi Denysia! The layout of the closets is quite similar to Carrie Bradshaw's! However, our closets have doors and aren't nearly as large, haha! I wish the whole hall was just closets! :) :)

  2. Ooh, I like it! Yay for remodelations!

    Also, hi! I'm your new follower :)


  3. Keeping the light and bright look of your bathroom is a great choice, especially since your bathroom, as you mentioned, is relatively small. Bright colors can make the little room look wider and bigger. Anyway, good job for the very fast progress, my friend. Ooh, I cannot wait for this project to be done.

    Kip Whitehead

  4. The Colors White and Pink make the bathroom so attractive..
    Stylish bathroom...Perfect work done..

    bathroom remodeling


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