Free Owl Printable 2013 Calendar


Hi everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!
I'll be posting photos from our Halloween fun later today! :)

I just wanted to quickly share this awesome freebie I discovered!

My Owl Barn partners with extremely talented artists to create their annual owl printable calendar! There are about 40 images to choose from for each month of the calendar, and they are all such beautiful drawings/paintings/digital art, etc.

Here's one of my favorites! 
Credit: Ola Liola

I printed my calendar this morning on heavy white card-stock and it looks AMAZING! I am already excited to print another variation for my office!
Best part about it is it's free and it brings recognition to these very talented artists!

If you're an owl lover, check it out! :)

xx, Shannon

P.s. My Owl Barn didn't have anything to do with me sharing this awesome calendar. I just thought it would be nice to spread the news about a wonderful freebie!

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