Friday Favorites


Happy Friday all!

It's a chilly morning down here in Florida! Hope you're all bundled up and staying warm! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
xx, Shannon

My little brother, Travis -- a United States Marine. Love him times infinity!

Veterans Day is Sunday. Please take a moment to be thankful for your freedoms and those who protect them. There are many out there who will be in mourning this Veteran's day weekend, so please be kind and sympathetic to that stranger who just seems to be having a miserable day; You never know their struggles.
--Support our troops here. Whether it's a donation of time, money, or just a smile; anything is a help!

On a lighter note :)
Wait your turn, eggnog! Pumpkin pie nog is here!

Indoor workouts for small spaces -- perfect for chilly days like today!

Totally itching to travel. Prague looks absolutely beautiful and this deal is calling my name! I focus more with Western Europe at work (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, etc) but one of my co-workers has been traveling to Prague, Hungary, Slovakia; she says its absolutely stunning!


  1. I'm so thankful for veterians day, it's because of it that we live in the world we do today! happy weekend!

  2. thank you so much to your brother for what he does!! my brother is in the air force!

    <3 kelly elizabeth

    1. Well then, a big thank you to your brother, too! :) :)


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