House Tour -- Downstairs, October 2012


Okay, so as you know, we purchased our townhouse as a foreclosure in September of 2011. The place was pretty dreadful when we first moved in, but we were definitely up for the challenge! I am so proud to show before and after photos of our home knowing the countless hours of work we have put into making it so lovely!

A few before pics, if you please. :)
Sorry the quality is so poor, I never planned on needing to showcase my house's past hideousness online!

Downstairs projects included:
Painting all walls
Replacing all light fixtures and ceiling fan
Installing new appliances (that we scored for an amazing $1500 on craigslist -- including our front loading washer and dryer!)
Installing kitchen backsplash
Installing knobs on kitchen cabinets
Hanging window treatments
Fixing the sliding glass doors
Replacing the front door knob
Painting the trim
Painting the porch concrete floor

So, one year and about 3 billion projects later, we arrive at this! Oh and just fyi, my house is not decorated for fall/halloween all year round! :) I'll have to take some photos sans decor one of these days!

 This is the view looking in from the front entry way into the dining and living space. The kitchen is directly on the right.

The opposite view into the kitchen and dining area looking from the living space.

Standing in the far corner of the kitchen. Our setup is an L shape. Right behind me in this shot would be the kitchen window, and our china cupboard.

Looking through the kitchen and into the living space. We have a pass thru area from the kitchen into the dining space with a countertop bar.

Kitchen window area.

The dining area. There's actually a small half-bath under the stairs but it is currently in DIY mode, so photos are still to come!

Our bar height dining set.

Looking back into the kitchen from the dining area.

Our living room area. Our entertainment center is on the wall behind me.

The screened in porch.

So, there you have it! The downstairs of our home. :)

A few projects still on the list for the downstairs are:
Half bath remodel
Paint doors
Install granite countertops in the kitchen
Replace the carpet on the stairs
Replace living room rug.
Replace entertainment center with something less "boxy" and square.

Let me know what you think of our progress so far! We would love to hear your feedback! :) 
Anyone else been slaving away on their house lately?

xx, Shannon


  1. oh my goodness. It looks like it should be in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. seriously. Way to go! I am so impressed!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words! Made my day! :) :)

  2. Love how bright your house looks with the yellow paint! :)

  3. Wow, you've been busy lately! I like the yellow - very sunshiny.

  4. seriously... adorable. i love it all. so creative. and boy do you sure have a knack for interior design.


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