YAY Friday!! -- 12 DIY Days of Christmas starts on Monday!


YAY! Friday is here!!! I thought this day would never come. Work has been absolutely CRAYYYY-ZEEE. (I try to use the word "cray" all the time and I always sound like an idiot.. lol!) Anywho, this week we have been super busy at home. We put up all the Christmas lights and decorations (photos to come), celebrated Aaron's 25th birthday, and we now have to begin planning and packing for our vacation. Anyone else feel like they leave work just to go home and do more work? Yeah, I've been feeling like that lately.

Maybe I should start a little vacation countdown to keep myself extra cheery? I could do one of those little paper ring garlands where you rip off a ring as you get closer and closer to your occasion?! I think this is a definite and I definitely think I'll hang it in my cubicle.. yeah I'm that person. HAHAAHA.

Thinking about NYC made me start reminiscing on past vacations. :) Washington DC in 2010!

I have a very fun series planned to begin on Monday titled the "12 DIY Days of Christmas"!! I'll be posting 12 days worth of easy, affordable DIY Christmas projects to inspire you to get crafty around the house with handmade decorations! :) I've been slaving away on these projects and just cannot wait to get them posted! :) I hope that you'll stop by each day to check it out and if I do inspire any of you to get out that glue gun, please share your works of Christmas art!! :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! :) See you on Monday with project #1. Hint it involves pinecones and burlap! :)

xx, Shannon


P.s Is anyone as obsessed with Grumpy Cat as I am? bahaha!!!


  1. Can't wait for all the DIYs!

  2. lol I love that grumpy cat!
    excited for the DIYs too!


  3. haha! that grumpy cat is everywhere!
    Looking forward to following your diy Xmas projects.


  4. so excited to see what diys you got in store!! have a great weekend <3

    kelly elizabeth

  5. I am so in love with that cat!!! Cracks me up every time! This one is my favorite:



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