Chalkboard Wall & "China" Cabinet Styling


Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback on the chalkboard wall I painted in my kitchen! :)
I wanted to share today the few things I've added to the wall (I've already added a few more things, too but will need to photograph this weekend when I can take advantage of the natural light!) I also have so many updates to share with you guys around the house! I need to quit slackin' and get to typin'! :)

Okay back to my new fav wall in the house. :)The first thing I wanted to add to the chalk wall was an industrial looking magazine rack. Can you tell I'm really digging the industrial look lately. 0:)

Sorry about my Hello Kitty bday balloon creeping in the reflection, lol!

I love this rack that I found at Home Goods (it was like $16?), and I especially love where I hung it since right below it on the counter is our "mail station." It will be so easy to throw new magazines up on the rack without them collecting dust on the counter! :)

Photo credit: Chris Loves Julia

The second thing I added was a lovely print from Chris Loves Julia! I just couldn't get over how fun this print was, so I just had to have it!! :) I have quite a sunglasses obsession collection, so this print really just fit me so well! I even used the magazine rack as a place to hang my awesome shades! They not only look cute, but they're in a great spot for me to grab as I'm running out the door!! I used an Ikea Ribba frame to house the print and I love how it really pops off the black wall. :)

While I was at it, I also switched out the items I had on display in my "China" Cabinet (remember when I bought it on mega clearance back in October?!)  :) I picked up some cheap plates and ceramic cups from Ikea in fun white, light teal, and pink colors! :) I love how the plates all look paired together. :) I also found this awesome Piggie cookie jar at Goodwill a few days ago for only $3. :) I LOVE HIM!! He's a Fitz and Floyd from 1976 and he is just so stinkin' cute! :)

The brass pieces have all been thrift store finds, along with the decanters and milk glass. :)

I ended up putting my new terrarium up on top of the cabinet. :) I think it looks nice there!

So what do you think? Looks cute, right?

I'll be back next week with so much to share -- can't wait!! :)
Enjoy your weekend!

xx, Shannon


  1. Adorable! My mom totally had a brass duck like this one when I was a kid - love it!

    1. Thanks Meggs!! I just love that little duck too!! :)

  2. I love the way you styled your cabinet! Have you considered painting the back so everything pops against it? I've seen that look a lot lately and LOVE it! Now I wish I had a white cabinet to style, lol.

    1. Thanks so much Veronica! :) I actually have considered either painting, wallpapering, contact-papering, the back of the cabinet! It really would make all my pieces pop! Especially since I tend to fill it with white pieces lol. :)

  3. I'm in love with this room now haha! I want that little birdie tea set in my life too!


    1. Ahh Thanks Chelsea!! :)
      I found the birdie tea set at Home Goods about a year ago! :) Maybe check online?! :)

  4. i love how you pulled everything together! the wall looks awesome and the magazine racks are perfect. nice work!

  5. I'm seriously crushing on that magazine rack. I found a wire basket at HomeSense (Canada's HomeGoods) last week and I'm in love. It seems to fit into any style of decor.


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