Guest Room Updates & New Desk!


My new desk arrived on Friday so this weekend I was determined to get my multi-use guest room in order, remember my second bedroom serves many purposes -- guest room, office, craft room/storage! :) It literally took me about 20 minutes to unpack the desk and put it together on Saturday morning -- all I had to do was attach the legs to the top! Easy peasy!

Seeing it all put together was just the motivation I needed to get upstairs and start breaking down the old desk! As a refresher to those who may be new around here, the guest room was looking like this prior to this weekend:

The room was functional but I just couldn't take much more of the big, overpowering dark brown (almost black) ikea expedit desk that I shoved in the corner when we moved in. The desk was great for storage, but it really made the room feel much smaller than it was and the dark brown color just wasn't flowing with my light and airy feel. Plus the behemoth was blocking my window and seriously, that was the last straw! I have a love affair with natural light. :)

I had decided that all the vintage clothing that was hanging in the closet and on a garment rack in front of the closet would be moved down to the garage, and housed on two garment racks. Not only would this free up some space in the guest room, but I also have a lot of people interested in coming to take a peek at my vintage collection (to purchase a few items) and I would rather them not have to come in the house to look -- what can I say, I'm paranoid! 0:) 

Once the closet was cleared and the vintage clothes were relocated, the room already started to feel 10x bigger. I rehung some of the wire shelves that were hanging in the closet when we bought the house; I figured the extra shelves would serve as great craft/fabric storage space! I also slid the dresser into the closet under the shelves to clear up some floor space in the room. The dresser holds some fabric as well as some rarely worn clothing overflow from our dresser in the master, so it really isn't used much. Once the closet was situated, I started unloading the desk and organizing my various craft supplies on the closet shelves. Everything fit just fine! I think I may want to get a few more boxes to corral all of my similar craft supplies together -- just for ease of access. Right now rubber stamps are thrown in with things like buttons and glue sticks all in one box. It would be nice to really organize things and label them appropriately! :)

The shoe boxes at the top are all Aaron's, safe to say he likes shoes -- at least he's organized. :)

Aaron helped me I helped Aaron lug the huge desk down the stairs -- this was actually pretty funny because I really couldn't carry the thing (instead I just giggled about how awkward and heavy it was) and Aaron was basically dragging it down all by himself -- seriously.. he has the heart of an angel for putting up with me and my quirkiness. :)

As soon as we got it downstairs, I posted that baby on Craigslist with hopes of a quick sale -- we really didn't have a place to store this thing so I was praying the Craigslist gods were looking down upon me! To my luck, it sold bright and early the next morning, and for $100 (only $20 less than what I paid for it a few years ago!)  :)

After getting the desk out of the room, we brought in the new desk and then I did a little "shopping" around the house. Pulling things from here and there and seeing how they looked in the room! :) My fav kind of shopping since it's F-R-E-E, Free!!!!!

I ended up bringing the ottoman that I made from an old coffee table up into the room to serve as a little bench by the window.

Then I grabbed the Anthropologie calendar I bought a couple months ago and hung it right by the computer.  I still hadn't found a good spot for it so I was so happy to finally put it on display! :)

This new desk doesn't make the room feel crowded or cramped! The room seriously feels so much bigger! Moving the dresser and craft supplies to the closet was the best move I could have made in the space! Look how spacious it looks!

There's still a lot that I want to do to this room:

 buy a new chair
bring in a rug
organize the closet contents
hang a picture gallery (or two) on the wall
DIY a file cabinet
maybe some textured wallpaper as an accent wall?!

A little mock-up with some ideas!

Even with my little list, the changes that have been made so far are seriously incredible, and all it cost was time and a little bit of money! :)

New desk from Overstock -- $135
Sale of old Desk on Craigslist -- $100
Out of Pocket -- $35!!!

I am so happy with this house lately! We have come such a long way from when we moved into this place! :)

Check back tomorrow for a long overdue master bathroom update!!

xx, Shannon


  1. I hear ya about FREE! Better and more fun when you can shop in your own house. :) The room is a lot more airy. Looks good. Love the wall color and how you organized the closet.

    By the way, you are not paranoid. No need to have strangers coming into your house. Good idea to have them only within the garage. You never know. :)


  2. your guest room looks awesome! love the layout and the changes you made. the mock up with the pics above would look awesome too. can't wait to see it!

  3. Totally love the desk! I think the idea board looks great! I can really see that it will look so chic!

  4. Love it! Looks so great and open now and much more inviting than before. Great job! One tip (if you haven't thought of this already) you might want to find a clear plastic mat/floor covering because that roller computer chair will mark up your wood floors!


  5. I LOVE that yellow ginger jar lamp!! I've been hoping I find one at a thrift store for so long!! Adds such great color to the room!


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