Kitchen Upgrade -- DIY Chalkboard Wall


I've been dreaming of a chalkboard wall for quite some time now. I just love the WOW feeling that a black wall creates and of course the never-ending options for decorating the wall with chalk designs -- I was always the kid in elementary school volunteering to be the scribe or to clap the chalkboard erasers outside HA! I finally realized what the heck am I waiting for?! So, I took the plunge this weekend!! What would be the worst that could happen, I hate it and decide to paint it back? I'm not afraid of a little painting :)! So paint I did, and Oh.Em.Gee!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It's crazy how a black wall can make such a difference but oh baby it did! P.S. Aaron likes it too, hallelujah!! :)

I still have some fun decor items to hang up, and of course some chalk designs to draw (I have been lying awake at night thinking about these chalk designs haha!), but I figured I'd show you the before and after now, and then I'll show you how I style the space in a few days! :)

Okay enough from me, I'll let the photos do the talking! :)

Here's some befores (notice where my DIY terrarium found it's home?!) :)
I swear the yellow in our house isn't this bright.. I mean it's def bright, but it really doesn't photograph well.

And now the Afters :)

So what do you think!? Makes a statement, huh? I LOVE it!! The best part about it was that it only took 2 coats at 30 min per coat, and I used less than 1 quart of paint. The project only cost $9 -- WOOO!! :)

I used a foam roller like the lady in the paint section at home depot recommended (to avoid any brush strokes). I also made sure to follow the directions on the can, waiting 4 hours between coats, and then 3 days before writing on the wall (make sure you prime it first by covering the entire wall with chalk).

I'll be sharing how I style the wall later this week! :) I guess I can't surprise you with the new rug in front of the sink. 0:) I loved it so much I couldn't resist putting it out. :)

How do you like my little upgrade? Anyone else have a chalkboard wall in their house?! :) I'd love to hear about it!

Oh yeah! How do you guys feel about the window curtains? Those were just thrown up there a few months back so we'd have something, and now that the wall is black I'm thinking they'd look awesome in the teal color thats in the rug!! Yes, No, Ho ho ho?? I need opinions!

xx, Shannon

Psst.. see the wall styled here! :)


  1. I love it! It really breaks up the kitchen nicely! And I love the idea of teal curtains - something to really pop on the black chalkboard wall!

  2. Ohhhh I like! It actually reminds me a bit of the Steelers, but it's definitely a great combination for a kitchen. Awesome job!


  3. I love the DIY chalkboard idea and your rug is pretty awesome! Why not get some chevron printed curtains or something else with a strong pattern to contrast against the black wall. It could be fun. :)

  4. Thank you ladies!!
    Seoul, great idea on the chevron! That would totally tie into the chevron on the rug! Maybe I can find a chevron with teal? :)

  5. I found your blog from your comment on YHL. Your chalkboard wall looks fantastic. I'm bookmarking your site so I can come back and check out what you do with it. As far as the curtains, what do you think of doing just a valance at the top in a chevron pattern, or even a roman shade (or faux roman shade for that matter). No matter what, it looks wonderful and I am so jealous! Nice work!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Pam! :) I'll be posting how I styled the wall tomorrow -- can't wait!! :)

      Great idea on the curtains! A roman shade or valance would definitely open the window up more (the current curtains cover a lot of the wall/window) and make it seem bigger!

      :) Shannon

  6. I love it!! It turned out great. this is definitely going into my 'house decor' board on pinterest!
    <3 kelly

  7. Looks great! It breaks up all the yellow very nicely and I'm sure will look even better when you've decorated it!


  8. Following from the frugal crafty blog hop. Love this idea, I think I will use it in my son's room. It is all black right now, but if I paint one wall with chalkboard paint his girlfriend can draw pictures on it for him (she is the artistic one in the family)

  9. I love the navy blue paint! It works perfectly! I've been thinking about using that in my home but I'm too scared.

  10. Stopping in from the CraftyScrappyHappy "make it" link party. I love your wall! I am getting ready to do a chalkboard wall in my house so it's good to see that yours turned out so amazing. Thanks for the extra little tips.

    P.S. I actually just signed up for you to help design my blog a few days ago. After I posted my link to the party I was scrolling through and a chalkboard wall caught my eye. It took me here! I guess it's a small world even in the blogging world!

    Stacy from The Project Palace
    (I have to put this in because for some reason when I comment it will only link up to my old family blog)

  11. What supplies did you use? I LOVE this and want want want to do it!


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