Long Overdue Master Bathroom Accessory Update!


We semi-finished our master bathroom remodel back in November (just in time for Thanksgiving at our house!). We were SO happy with the transformation that was made in the bathroom, but there were still a few missing touches that we needed to finish! I purchased a cream waffle-weave shower curtain and hung that almost immediately after all the big projects were done, but I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that our mirror, towel racks, toilet paper holder, etc weren't installed until a couple weeks ago! Oops!! :) Guess life got in the way! Seriously use this excuse 3 times a week... at least. 0:)

There are still lots of little things to do in the space -- install new vanity light, towel bar in shower, prep and paint moldings, add some decor; and big things too --  install the vanity outside of the bathroom in our hallway/closet area, new mirrors and lights out there too. We'll be getting to these things soon, hopefully, but as of right now I'm very happy with the progress we have made. :) The bathroom is functional and definitely pleasing to my little eyes. :)

Alright, time for some pics!

As a recap, here's the photos (sorry for the poor iPhone quality) of the space before any work was done:

And back in November after the big renovation!

And now with some new accessories (ugh, sorry for the yellow tint & the lack of natural light)!

My favorite thing in the room has to be the pivot mirror! I saw one in the pottery barn catalog for like $400 (are they outta they minds?!) but found mine online (Amazon!) for about $60 -- and my awesome brother bought it for me as a Christmas gift, woo!!! Thanks Richie!

I found the countertop goodies at Home Goods on clearance. :)
The toilet paper holder and towel rack are from Amazon, too. Richie bought these for my birthday. :)
And the waffle weave shower curtain is from Target (similar). :)

So that's my little (and long overdue) update. :) What do you guys think?! I think it's poifect! :) Anyone else remodeling a bathroom lately? If you are, hang in there!! It may seem extra scary when it looks like this...

but with a little bit of this...

there will be a light at the end of the tunnel! I promise! :) :)

xx, Shannon


  1. The pivot mirror is wonderful! Such a great detail and such a great deal!

  2. wow....looks fab!!!! love the subway tiles :)


  3. I think it's poifect, too! I love your tiles around the bathtub, especially the accent ones, and that mirror is divine.


  4. I love your tiles, subway tiles are the best!

    I just built/redone my bathroom from two rooms to one and replacing an avocado suite and bright pink walls to a lovely calm white. It's still a bit of a work in progress (paint, etc) but already ten times better! Now, to finish the rest of my house!

  5. i cannot believe that is tile on the floors!! it looks amazing. nice work!


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