Love at First Sight


Hi all! :)

Boy do I have a lot of updates for you in the next week! We tackled SO much around the house this weekend! :) I don't want to spoil any surprises so I'll keep my lips sealed for now, but I just can't keep the excitement contained for a purchase we made over the weekend!!!!

We're getting... a new couch!! :)

I've been on the hunt for a new couch/love seat or chairs for awhile now. Our current couch is a nice color, and size; however, the darn thing doesn't hold it's shape very well! I literally have to un-smoosh and re-fluff the back cushions Unless the couch is covered in tons of nice pillows, I feel like it looks frumpy. The love seat still looks like it's brand new -- no one really ever sits on it unless we have company over! 

Anyways, while Aaron was working Saturday night, I was strolling some of my favorite online sites just looking for a desk lamp for my new desk (I did find one that I'll share when the desk arrives!). Of course I like to check the sale and clearance sections first and foremost, because hey who can't resist doesn't love a great sale? I was looking through west elm's sale sections when I saw this: 

Chester Tufted Upholstered Sofa - Oatmeal

I'm not even kidding you when I say I heard angels singing when I laid eyes on this picture. Seriously... it was love at first sight. The color was PERFECT, the size was FABULOUS, and the tufted back? Oh man, the tufted back was not only gorgeous but, it wouldn't get all lopsided and frumpy like my current couch!! And the cherry on top? The price. This bad boy is originally $1200, currently priced at $650!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! How do you say no to that? It literally is the PERFECT couch for me, and it's pretty much 50% off!

So I did what any person madly in love with a couch would do... I bought it!! :) But not until after I texted a photo to Aaron who also eagerly approved of the couch. :) 

So, this little beauty will be delivered to our home next week. There were also matching chairs available, but I don't really want a matchy matchy feel. I think I'd really like to score some vintage (preferable mid century modern) chairs that I can have re-upholstered to my liking. :)

I absolutely can't wait for it to arrive so I can share with you all how great it looks! :)
I'll be back tomorrow to share one of the projects we tackled this weekend -- it involves a power tool, my fave!

Did you tackle any projects this weekend? Buy any new furniture or decor items for your home? Stumble upon a couch that you just had to have? I'd love to hear about it! :)

xx, Shannon


  1. yeah new couch!!!!

    love the new blog look also, great colors!

    kelly elizabeth

  2. Gorgeous couch and what a deal! I can't imagine how excited you are for it to arrive! We also purchased a piece of furniture this past weekend. We have wanted some more surface area and storage area in our kitchen so we got a kitchen island! It's so nice to have lovely entertaining supplies out and ready for friends!


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