My Birthday Wish List :)


The past few weeks my family has been bugging me asking what I wanted for my birthday. This may be a little late (sorry mom!) but I figured it would be fun to come up with a birthday wish list . :)

There aren't too many things that I actually need (which is why its difficult for me to tell people gift ideas), so my wishlist is more just wants -- either way it was fun to put together. :)

1. Super cute leggings from Forever 21. I love the color choices and the pattern!
2. Adorable vintage alarm clock I found on Etsy. I'd love to put this on my desk!
3. New Kindle Paperwhite!! I have an older version Kindle and would LOVE the Paperwhite version for easier nighttime reading! :)
4. How awesome are these running shoes? I LOVE the bright colors! And they glow in the dark! Perfect for a late night or early morning run!
5. I heard that this was an interesting read! :)
6. I absolutely LOVE this carry on suitcase from Target's Nordstrom collection! I travel a lot for work (and my current carry on was ruined in Rome -- ugh!) so this would be a great replacement! And right now it's 70% off!!
7. The Naked 2 Urban Decay palette looks gorgeous and always receives rave reviews. :)

Well that's my short and sweet wish list! I'll be sure to let you all know if I happen to receive any of these gifts on Friday!

So what about you guys; any of you also have trouble figuring out what to tell people who ask you what you want for your birthday? Anyone have the new Kindle Paperwhite (if so, please reaffirm my thoughts on how awesome it is!)? Any other birthdays this month? :)

xx, Shannon


  1. Those are the COOLEST active shoes and the most awesome travel suitcase. I am in love with my Kindle Keyboard, and I think the Kindle paperwhite is awesome. I hope to get one once my kindle kicks it- my biggest problem with getting an overhead light for my kindle is how the light would be uneven... a problem which the paperwhite solves! Maybe someday for me. :) (But probably not, kindles seem to last forever!)

    1. Aren't they Stephanie?! I just love the colors!
      You're so right that Kindles last forever -- a good and a bad thing when they keep coming out with better and better designs!!

  2. Great wishlist!!

    <3 Melissa

  3. Ooo I hope you get a Kindle - I love mine! And - your birthday is the day before mine! Have a happy birthday!

    1. OOh yay! Happy early birthday to you, too!! :)

  4. What a cute site! Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I will definitely be looking around here:)

    1. Thanks so much! :) Loved visiting your blog, too!

  5. Love those shoes. Hope you have a fab birthday and enjoy the show! Liz


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