The Urge to Rearrange


Do you ever out of nowhere just get the urge to move a room around? Please say yes because then I will feel slightly more normal -- just slightly as I am quite odd. :)

This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I love moving a room's furniture, decor, art, around because it tricks my mind for a few weeks into feeling like the room is new, fresh, redone. I just love that feeling.. like a new car smell, only it's a new room smell and it doesn't cost $23,000 like a new car does.. its FREE!! I like free. :)

The problem here is that we live in a townhouse. Our home is not tiny by any means, but we are very limited in how we place furniture due to the narrowness of our space, and the lack of any real room separation. For example, our downstairs is really just one big room. We try to separate the dining area from the living area with our furniture placement, so unfortunately there's not much rearranging that can be done.

Upstairs, however, is where I am currently getting the "rearrange me!!!" itch. Our second bedroom doubles triples as our guest room, my office, and a storage area -- though it's organized storage and not chaos like it was a few months back. :)

Here's what our second bedroom is looking like right now

I have been spending a TON of time in this room since I've been working on so many things for my blog and web design business. The room functions as is, but I'm just not a fan of the layout, or my current desk (especially the color of the desk). I really think I want a work area that is a little more streamlined (I'd like to move all of the items on the expedit shelf into the closet) and less cluttered.

I really like this simple, modern desk -- looks a lot like the West Elm Parsons desk!

My only hesitance is that the other furniture in the room is definitely not modern and streamlined. I don't want a matchy matchy feel but I'm just not sure whether this desk will just look silly among the curved lines and ornate details of the headboard and dresser mirror, etc.

I'm thinking about tackling the rearranging this weekend and seeing how I feel before deciding to buy the desk. Do you think the desk would look okay with the other furniture in the room? Am I the only crazy one that wants to rearrange a room every few months? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'll be sure to update you on how the rearranging goes next week! :)

xx, Shannon


  1. You are most certainly not crazy! One of my favorite things to do is move things! It definitely makes you feel better and accomplished without having to spend anything but time :-)

  2. i used to rearrange my childhood bedroom every month.. it spicing things up! Unfortunately, now my apartment is WAY too small and there's only one way to arrange the furniture.. it's torture!!

  3. I totally get that urge - was actually just reading about the feng shui practice of moving 27 things in your home to "unblock your chi"! We live in a condo, so suffer from the same limitations when it comes to rearranging the furniture. But I have gotten into the habit of being more adventurous and dynamic with my accessories, so that tends to satisfy the urge to revive things.

    I think the desk is so simple and classic, it would blend perfectly with your other furniture!


  4. I understand more than you even know. I, however, am in the small studio apartment kind of space now and cannot move much around. So, I'll live vicariously through you, buy the desk lol My only problem would be that the bookshelf would then be the only dark piece you have in that room. (Sorry if you didn't realize that before and now you're rethinking everything!)


  5. I had that repeatedly for ages, it then stopped for a while as my bedroom is to small to allow many combinations, but I think it will really need something this summer, I will probably start planning now... Also, I love the furniture and colours!

  6. So glad I'm not crazy and that there are others who do the same thing! :)

    Chelsea, I should have mentioned that the bookcase is actually part of the desk! :) That will be going, too. I'm hoping to sell it on Craigslist. :)

  7. I do this all the time!! My husband hates it! Sometimes, I'm even plotting room re-arrangements in bed at 2:00 am when I can't sleep. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!

    Jenna @


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