Pinterest Challenge -- DIY Herb Planter Box


I am so stoked to be participating in the Pinterest challenge!! Katie and Sherry are my two FAVORITE reads, so this was a fun one for me! :)


Spring is coming -- it is practically already here in Florida, and I am getting excited for flowers, plants, all things garden related! Since we live in a townhome, my garden really only extends to my patio, and a few potted plants outside of my patio. That being said, I have been trying to come up with smart ways to get the most "bang for my buck" in our patio real estate.

I love cooking with fresh herbs, so I decided that a narrow planter box would be a great addition to the patio, since I could fill it with a variety of herbs! I first checked out Pinterest for some ideas, and then went to home depot to see my options. There were lots of different planter boxes available -- plastic, wood, big, small, you name it. I was definitely learning towards the wood but I wasn't leaning towards the price. Planter boxes were around $50- $60 for a modest size and the price went up the bigger the box.
This one is $60 at Home Depot
And this one a whopping $230 at Home Depot

Seeing these crazy prices was all the motivation I needed...  I decided that I would build my own!! I was SO excited, but SO nervous at the same time. I have NEVER built anything like that before, and anytime I do build something, my dad is always there to help. But you know what, I'm no dumbie! I put on my big girl pants and decided to get down to business!! I headed over to the lumber section, drew a little 'plan' on a piece of paper, and picked up my supplies -- I went with 1" x 2" x 6' and 1" x 4" x 6' boards -- pine and whitewood I think? 
My total for wood and screws: around $25.

The next morning while Aaron was sleeping, I was ready to get down with the get down! It was time to build something!! Woooo!! Can you tell I was pumped?!

I measured and marked all of my cuts and got to work with my miter saw.

As I was working, I kept referring to the plans I drew up, and tried to lay my pieces out so I could see it come together.

After everything was cut, I used my clamps to hold pieces in place while I screwed them together. I really wished I had a Kreg jig so I could have used pocket holes to hide my screws -- next time!!

After I was done working with my 1" x 4" boards, I used the 1" x 2" boards to add legs, some "trim" and to hide a lot of my screws! :)

Somehow, this  thing magically worked out! I actually built something! By myself! Without any help! I drew up my own "plan", and even saved money in the process! And the best part about it? The sense of pride I had earned! I immediately facetimed my parents to show them and they were proud of me too -- Dad especially, he's the best and has taught me everything I know! As soon as Aaron was awake that afternoon, I just couldn't wait to show him too! :) It feels nice to build something! I'm going to have to do this more often. :)

I still think I may want to stain the box a nice rich color, and then add some cute chalkboard signs to mark each herb, but either way I am proud of myself for just building the thing! :)

So that's how I stopped pinning, and started doing! Did anyone else participate in the Pinterest challenge? Build anything lately? Excited for Spring and gardening? Interested in a plan and/or tutorial for my planter box? Spill the beans! :)

xx, Shannon

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P.s. Don't forget to enter my Custom Blog Design Giveaway that Carmel at Our Fifth House is hosting! :)

P.s.s I posted my ideas for our living room updates last night! Check them out and let me know what you think! :)

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Living Room Updates -- First Round of Ideas


Painting the downstairs really motivated me to get to work on the living room decor! The Ikea expedit entertainment unit we have now just isn't working for me, our blue floral rug doesn't really fit with my developing design style (you live and you learn, right?) and overall, our living room is not a statement piece.. It's kind of just a plain old living room.

I have TONS of ideas in mind for the room and have already gotten started on a few projects, but I thought it would be fun to document my ideas as of today, so I can compare them to how the room actually ends up! :)

Some of the ideas on the board are not set in stone, they are just ideas but these pieces and projects are what I'm currently feeling for this room! :)

The couch has been ordered and delivered (I'll be sharing photos later this week!), the walls have been painted, and the rug has been ordered -- I LOVE this rug! The herringbone/chevron pattern is absolutely my favorite!

The teal and pink colors are accent color ideas, the lions head pulls will be a part of a DIY project I'm currently working on --- muahaha I am so cryptic! I want to use vintage brass elements throughout the design -- like the brass duck I already have. I am highly contemplating jumping on the "fauxdenza" train -- phrase originally coined by Anna of Door Sixteen, and I am imagining a possible DIY for the coffee table. :) I also need to figure out options for a loveseat or chairs to fill in some empty floorspace (no ideas here yet) as well as whether the gray curtains that are currently hanging will stay or go -- this will be one of the last decisions made based on how the room feels.

So, these are my ideas today. I emphasize today beause I am probably the world's most indecisive person.. ever! I change my mind SO much! In fact, Aaron laughed at me today because I came home from work and mentioned 4 different possible careers I could see myself doing, HA! They were all totally different, too. I believe I was watching tv and said "hey Aaron, do you think I could be an actress?" and he turned and looked at me while he was getting ready for work and said"You have changed your mind of what you 'want to be' 4 times since you've been home!!" I was only kidding.. Of course I could be an actress! Never said a good one. :) My indecisiveness is a curse -- but at least it keeps me on my toes!!

So these are my ideas! What do you think? Have you hopped on the fauxdenza train? Do you love brass as much as I do? Working on any living room projects lately? Share!!! :)

xx, Shannon

Simple Coffee Table Tray Makeover


We have a simple tray that normally sits on our end table next to the couch. We've had it for a few years and over time, it has taken a little bit of a beating. We learned the hard way that the printed burlap fabric that covers the inside of the tray bleeds if it gets wet. We would always use this tray to place our drinks on so that we wouldn't have to sit them on the end table.  As a result, the tray looked like this..

So, since the tray wasn't in the best of shape, I decided it would be fun to give it a makeover! I didn't want to spend any additional money on the tray since I have an abundance of random supplies available at home. I took a look at what I had available and decided to recover the inside of the tray with new fabric, and to add a little bit of a fun accent while at it!

I found a bright and cheerful fabric that I thought would be a fun way to spice up the tray! I laid it inside of the tray and cut it to size. I wasn't super careful when cutting it to size since I planned on adding some trim to the edges. I covered the burlap fabric with a layer of Mod Podge and then placed the fabric on top and smoothed out any air bubbles.

Then I used hot glue to line the edges with some fun, yellow pom pom trim! :) Pom pom trim is seriously so cute, I want to add it to everything!!

After the tray was set and dry, I placed it on top of our ottoman (which is currently covered with a throw since it is a DIY work in progress, details to come soon!) and called it a day! I love how fun and colorful it is! :) And I love that the project really only took about 15 minutes and didn't cost me anything! Plus if I get tired of the fabric, it would be super simple to switch it up! :)

So what do you think? Did you tackle any DIY projects this weekend -- big or small? We actually did a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend, and squeezed some projects in while we were at it! I can't wait to share! :)

xx, Shannon

P.s. Thank you so much for all the kind comments and emails from all of my new followers! :) It really was overwhelming to hear such nice remarks from so many people! :) You all rock!

Gray is the New Yellow


Thanks so much for the lovely comments from those hopping over from YHL & Our Fifth House! :) I'm thrilled to have you visiting! :)

This post is long overdue... but hey, no one ever was noticed for being fashionably early, am I right or am I right? ;)

A month or so ago I decided that enough was enough with the yellow walls in our house. When we first moved in in October 2011, I was just so excited to be able to paint a wall that I think I went a little color crazy with the yellow. I'm slowly learning that its a lot more versatile to add color through other elements in the room rather than the walls (like pillows, lamps, rugs, art, etc). 

So, I got home from work one day, crossed my fingers that Aaron wouldn't kick me out to the curb right on the spot, and told him I wanted to paint the yellow.... all of it. At first he looked at me like I was kidding, but after I convinced him that I was serious and that I literally wanted to repaint 75% of our house after just painting it less than a year and a half ago, he laughed and told me "whatever makes you happy," and that was that! He's a keeper. :)

I'm not a patient person; I definitely am much more of an instant gratification kind of gal. So... when Aaron went to work that night, I went to the store to buy some paint. I went into the store only planning to buy a sample, but somehow walked out with a gallon... oops. :) I got home and literally started painting. I figured I would just paint until there wasn't any paint left. I didn't think I would get very far since it took 5 gallons of yellow (plus 5 gallons of primer)  the first time around. Not sure if it was the Benjamin Moore paint or my ninja painting skills, but I was literally a painting machine!! I painted almost the entire first floor, cutting in and everything (first coat only) in about 3 hours... with only one gallon! So I did what any normal person would do... I didn't tell Aaron that I painted because I wanted to see how shocked he would be when he came home in the morning. Muahahaha! Leave and the house is yellow, come home and the house is gray!!! I'm only 47% insane, I promise.

Aaron came home the next day and not only loved the gray but was literally ecstatic that I painted so much! Did I mention that Aaron really hates painting.. I mean he like loathes it. He would rather be doing any other chore around the house than painting. How do I know this? Well, the next day when he was helping me finish up painting the second coat and the rest of the house, about 45 minutes into it I found him vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher... ANYTHING he could do to not be painting! Next time I want him to help around the house I'm just going to threaten painting something, hahahaha!!!

Are you ready to feast your eyes on these beauties?

And some more eye candy

Seriously... does it not look 1 million times better? I can't get over the difference! I LOVE IT! :) :)

So what do you guys think? Gray is the new yellow, right?! Anyone else been painting their house lately? Have a boyfriend/husband who is as anti-paint as mine is? Spill the beans!

xx, Shannon

P.s. Check out the photos I posted last night of our recent getaway to the mountains!

P.s.s Totally forgot to mention the paint color! Benjamin Moore's Intense White in an Eggshell finish! :)

Weekend in the Mountains


A few weeks ago we met my parents in the North Georgia mountains for the weekend. The area is a favorite vacation spot for my parents, so they sneak away there often.

We had a lot of fun relaxing, fishing, and enjoying the cold weather!

Here's a few photos I took during our stay.

I love to travel but it always gives me that "am I in the right place" itch. Whether it be, am I living in the right part of the country? Am I doing what makes me most happy? Would my life be better somewhere else?

Does anyone else get that feeling after visiting new places?

xx, Shannon

Recent Work


Boy have I been busy at work creating unique custom blog designs for some really creative ladies! :)

I thought it would be fun to share some of my mock-ups and screenshots of the sites I've been tackling recently!

I'd love to hear your feedback! :)

This one especially was a lot of fun! I actually hand-painted the flowers and turned them into digital art for the header. :)

What do you guys think? :)

xx, Shannon

My Valentine


Last night was a lot of fun. :) Aaron and I went out to dinner at a small bistro, and then decided to end the night like any couple would dream of.... at Chuck E Cheese!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun playing all the games together. :) And if I do remember correctly, I did beat Aaron a few times in the basketball game. :) 
I love you valentine!

Follow along on Instagram @fabvintage :)

xx, Shannon

To My Sweetheart


Valentine's day isn't a favorite holiday of mine, it doesn't even rank in my top 5... I actually prefer Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July! Yet, Valentine's day always holds a fond place in my heart. I like the idea of a day dedicated to love and public displays of affection (I'm not talking about making out in the middle of the streets... though I do believe that would be acceptable today) *wink wink Aaron*. Just kidding mom. I'm talking about the flowers, the cards, the chocolates, the compliments, the smiles, etc! It's not everyday that you see people prancing around because they're getting all gussied up for a fun date, friends full of pride because they were just delivered a vase filled with pretty red roses, and people bragging left and right about what their sweetie did just for them. Valentine's day is one of those days where you should just feel happy. It's a day where you can be all mushy gushy with your family and friends, and no one thinks you're a sappy weirdo!!

So to my family and friends, I wish you this today, on this day of love.

Enjoy your time today with whomever you choose to spend it with; whether it be your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, best pal, co-worker, sister, child, grandma, neighbor, dog, whomever! Take a second to let them know that you love them. That they light up your world. That they really are the peanut butter to your jelly. You don't have to buy a box of chocolates to show someone you love them; sometimes the sweetest gift you can give are the true feelings that lie in your heart.

With that said,
I love you Aaron. You're my best friend, and as far as I'm concerned, you make the world go round. :)

xx, Shannon

DIY Scissor Fail 0:)


Sooo... I was attempting a cute little DIY tonight and to put it simply, it didn't happen! 
My crap craft scissors are so dull that this project would have literally killed me. Literally. I would have ended my misery with my dull scissors before I was even half way done!

Lesson learned? Have a separate pair of scissors for different projects: fabrics, paper, everyday use, etc.

But the night was not lost.. I had fun capturing my DIY fail to share with you all. :)


Oh yeah, please don't judge me and the fact that I am 1. in my pjs, 2. not wearing any makeup, and 3. being my quirky self and making silly faces at the camera... all alone. :) I like to keep it real around here. Ya dig?

Just playing with my felt. Obviously this is prior to my scissor fail.

Crappiest scissors ever! So like the genius I am think I am, I googled "how to sharpen scissors". Supposedly cutting aluminum foil should work.... mmmm not so much.

My 2 measly hearts I cut before I gave in.

P.S. Did you notice our new couch arrived?!?!
P.S.S Did you notice anything else about the room? :) :)

Anyone else out there rockin' any DIY fails lately?! :)

xx, Shannon

Movie Date :)


We're going on a movie date tonight!! Weeee! :)
We decided to go see Silver Linings Playbook (we like to go to the movies on weekdays so we can use coupons with our student IDs!! $5 movie?! Heck yes!!) 

I've been wanting to see this for a while now so I'm super excited!

Anyone see it yet?? 

xx, Shannon
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