Living Room Updates -- First Round of Ideas


Painting the downstairs really motivated me to get to work on the living room decor! The Ikea expedit entertainment unit we have now just isn't working for me, our blue floral rug doesn't really fit with my developing design style (you live and you learn, right?) and overall, our living room is not a statement piece.. It's kind of just a plain old living room.

I have TONS of ideas in mind for the room and have already gotten started on a few projects, but I thought it would be fun to document my ideas as of today, so I can compare them to how the room actually ends up! :)

Some of the ideas on the board are not set in stone, they are just ideas but these pieces and projects are what I'm currently feeling for this room! :)

The couch has been ordered and delivered (I'll be sharing photos later this week!), the walls have been painted, and the rug has been ordered -- I LOVE this rug! The herringbone/chevron pattern is absolutely my favorite!

The teal and pink colors are accent color ideas, the lions head pulls will be a part of a DIY project I'm currently working on --- muahaha I am so cryptic! I want to use vintage brass elements throughout the design -- like the brass duck I already have. I am highly contemplating jumping on the "fauxdenza" train -- phrase originally coined by Anna of Door Sixteen, and I am imagining a possible DIY for the coffee table. :) I also need to figure out options for a loveseat or chairs to fill in some empty floorspace (no ideas here yet) as well as whether the gray curtains that are currently hanging will stay or go -- this will be one of the last decisions made based on how the room feels.

So, these are my ideas today. I emphasize today beause I am probably the world's most indecisive person.. ever! I change my mind SO much! In fact, Aaron laughed at me today because I came home from work and mentioned 4 different possible careers I could see myself doing, HA! They were all totally different, too. I believe I was watching tv and said "hey Aaron, do you think I could be an actress?" and he turned and looked at me while he was getting ready for work and said"You have changed your mind of what you 'want to be' 4 times since you've been home!!" I was only kidding.. Of course I could be an actress! Never said a good one. :) My indecisiveness is a curse -- but at least it keeps me on my toes!!

So these are my ideas! What do you think? Have you hopped on the fauxdenza train? Do you love brass as much as I do? Working on any living room projects lately? Share!!! :)

xx, Shannon


  1. Looks gorgeous! I love the lions :) My wedding invitations used the herringbone ( - I love that print as well!

  2. Yes i love brass too! That lamp is killer it totally needs to go into your space! What a fun project!


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