Lately I've been Pinning


If you check out my latest Pinterest pins, you can definitely spot a trend. Everything is white. And you know what, I really, really like that look! None of these rooms scream "stark" or "sterile" to me; rather, I feel that they're really clean, fresh, bright, and modern.

Source Unknown, Found Here

So do you love the white as much as I do? It just looks so nice, and clean! And I love how all of the wood tones and bright colors pop off the white walls! :)

On a completely different side note, I absolutely LOVE this clock. $135 though.. is it worth the splurge?

Have a great Easter weekend! :)

xx, Shannon


  1. I love white as a wall color! And that clock looks really cool, but I think you could find a cheaper alternative if you keep looking! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  2. I've been pinning some of the same things! I recently started painting my whole house, and I've opted for a warm white for most of the house. My husband is definitely concerned about the color choice but I'm prepared to prove him wrong!


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