Bringing my Laundry Nook to Life


I've slowly been trying to tackle the main rooms in our house, you know.. the ones that make the biggest impact. Like the guest bedroom, the living room, and the master bathroom, and I noticed that some of the smaller, easier to finish rooms were being neglected! Small things need love too so, I decided that it was time to bring a little life to my laundry room nook.

When you walk up the stairs, you're immediately met with a wall in front of you with a little door (the air handler is hiding behind here and this door is fugly so I probably need to get on that). Then you do a quick little turn and you're greeted with a hallway full of more doors. The guest room door, the bathroom door, the master bedroom door, a linen closet, and what once was two bifold doors that hid the washer and dryer. When we moved into the house, we immediately sold the existing washer and dryer, and moved in the new ones with their fancy pedestals (which we got for a steal off Craigslist along with our kitchen appliances). The new front loaders were absolutely gorgeous, but they led to one little problem... the bi-fold doors could bi-fold no more. Those front loaders were so phat fat that the doors couldn't close! So.. off with the doors! And that was how the laundry space sat for mmm.. about a year and a half or so. Seriously, it was ugly. The walls in the nook had clearly never been painted, they were a dry and dirty off white color. But I didn't think much of it because it's a laundry room. The place where you do laundry. The place where you "fluff" a load of clothes 5 6 times in the dryer to avoid folding them (please tell me other people do this). Seriously... folding clothes is like my arch nemesis... ask Aaron.. or my mom.. or anyone who knows me and comes to my house. :) Me and folding clothes just don't get along.

I digress. Back to my story. My laundry nook was ugly.

No, my laundry nook does not lead to Heaven, those floursecent lights are just so overly bright! Angels do not sing to me when I am doing my laundry.

Please don't judge my cluttered shelves. :)

So, we were at ACE a month or so ago, and they were doing a free quart of paint event. I do not pass up free... ever! Free chair on the side of the road? MINE. Free samples at the food court in the mall? Yes please, I'll have two of each. I like free. (Are you following? If you want to be best pals forever, give me free things and don't make me fold clothes).

So, with a free quart of paint dangling in front of me, I had to think on my feet and choose a color. I scanned the swatches and my eyes were immediately drawn to the coral. How could they not be? Coral is such a pretty color! So I picked one, got my free quart, skipped out of the store, and called it a day.

Fast forward a few weeks. Aaron was at work and I got the "I'm bored let's change something" itch. So, I emptied out the laundry area, and got to painting!!

Seriously why did I wait so long to do this?! Look how beautiful it looks!!

I went ahead and painted as much of the space as possible. Since the washer and dryer are so heavy, I couldn't move them out, so I painted as far down as I could when working next to and behind them. Our little secret. :)

Yes there are clothes in both the washer and dryer. I call that multi-tasking. :)

And for fun, a before and after.

I absolutely love the color, and the project literally took me 30 mins tops. Plus the paint was free. Holla!

I went to Homegoods the next day and the cute baskets were on clearance for $10 each, so I threw those up on the shelf to hide my detergent and things in. :) It's crazy how much better it looks without all the clutter on that ugly wire shelf.

All in all, this makeover cost me $20 and 30 minutes of my time, and it makes such a statement when you walk up those stairs! What once was an eyesore, is now a beautiful little space, and I love it! Maybe this will motivate me to fold clothes! Mmmm.. let's be realistic, maybe this will motivate me to fluff only 3 times. :)

So what do you think? Do you like the coral color? Is your laundry room/nook/closet decked out or is it still untouched? Anyone motivated to paint their laundry room?

xx, Shannon


  1. Love it! I've been dying to paint something coral, this looks great!

  2. YAY! Looks SO fresh and clean!!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love it too!

  4. A very color worthy space-I bet it makes laundry a more welcoming chore now ;)


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