Easter Fun


I hope everyone had a fun Easter! :) We spent the day at Aaron's parents house! His mom always makes the best food, so that was a nice treat. :)

Before heading out for the day, we attempted a family portrait.

This was the best shot I got. :)

This one wasn't the best but definitely is humorous. Our cats were not cooperating, HA! At this point they should be practically fashion models with the amount of pictures I take of them on the daily, hahaha! #crazycatlady #donthate

If you follow along on Instagram (@fabvintage), you may have also seen the Easter Egg hunt and Easter basket I made for Aaron. :) Who says grownups can't have Easter Egg hunts!?

Seriously, the boy loves his back scratched!

Besides Easter Sunday, this weekend was very quiet. We did some Spring cleaning, bought some flowers at Lowes, and I made another terrarium. :) Couldn't pass up this bright orange one at Homegoods for $12! :)

And of course I had to stock it with dinos. 0:)

Did you all have a nice Easter weekend?! :)

xx, Shannon


  1. I've been seeing terrariums everywhere lately. That orange one is so bright & fun! I also really like the - not so hidden - dino surprise.

  2. You two are too cute! My husband loves his back scratched, too. lol

  3. That first pic is the cutest!

  4. Lovvee the photos - such a sweet family :)

  5. Love your family photos - it is so hard to get pets to pose for them, believe me I have tried with our puppy so many times! I love the pillows you have on your couch - I have the same ones! And I love the terrarium. I have made a few and they have all died - I have got to figure it out because I love the way they look!

  6. hey there came across your blog well because we have similarities in the name :) i guess you like vintage finds as well. and now im reading every post you have which is interesting :)

    mind if we follow each other?x



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