I Painted our Bedroom 3 Times this Weekend


Seriously... I painted it THREE times. Am I insane? 

Don't answer that.

The room's color evolution went like so:
-- told in crappy iphone pics... ain't nobody got time for legit pics when you're painting the same room 3 times in 3 days.

Poop Brown when we bought the house

Painted Purple when we moved in (Pretty but very dark)

And as of Friday,

Painted White (Brought out way too much red in the cherry furniture)

Painted Off-White (Just looked a little blah)

Painted a Minty Color. Which I made myself by mixing the blue and green samples below. Of course the same paint man was working each day that I came in. I'm pretty sure absolutely certain he thought I was crazy. :)

In the end, I love the color that I finally landed on! If I would have just left it the white or off-white, I would have ended up painting it again anyways, so I'm glad that I suffered through and got it done this weekend. 

I can't wait to share the end result with you guys tomorrow! :)

Have you ever painted the same room multiple times in a few days span (please say yes)? Do you always get a sample before you commit to a color (I should do this more often)?

xx, Shannon

P.s. See the end result here!!


  1. I had to repaint a tiny bathroom twice in one setting, but it really was my own fault! I had this crazy idea in my head to paint it a really deep red, and even painted the ceiling in a tiny tiny space! It was TERRIBLE!!! It looked like a cross between a bordello and a crime scene. It was so claustrophobic and gloomy. I was so freaked out at that point I did a 180 and went as boring and beige and light as I could. Of course it took about 5 coats of ceiling paint to cover that dark red!!

    1. hahaha! This made me laugh! And made me feel a little better. :) Thanks for that!

  2. sometimes you have to keep experimenting until you find what works for you. i'm not a fan of painting, hence why we have all the yellow on our walls that i hate. hopefully we can fix it up soon!
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  3. Wow! You are dedicated (and a little crazy :) )! I'm more of a "wait and see if it grows on me" kind of person, so I would be to lazy to repaint it right away. I hope you are happy with the end result!

  4. I can't wait to see the minty colour on the walls :)

  5. Three times?! Amazing! You wear me out just thinking of that. I'm going to go take a nap now. I'm doing good if I can paint a room, and get it done in one day, let alone have it span multiple days. After our home was damaged in a hurricane and contractors painted it (thank you, home insurance) there were a couple of rooms colors that didn't feel right to me, but I left them alone because I couldn't face the thought of trying to tackle it! (And, I thought, I'm the one that chose the first colors, so who is to say I'll like the next one!) But, I think samples are the way to go. My front living room is a blue that drives me crazy, from when we moved in. (So many shades of blue are lovely, but I find this one kind of obnoxious.) I'm thinking of going white, but haven't committed. Maybe I'll just do a coat of primer to knock down the blue, and see if I like the white. Then, I can go be-speckle city with samples if the white isn't working.

    1. Hahaha! This is funny! I'm the same way, I choose the colors and then don't like them 3 months later!

      A coat of primer first is a great idea, will let you know how you feel about the white before commiting! :)


  6. Crazy as it may sound, I actually admire you for having the will to keep on painting as soon as you figured your dislike of a color. If I was in your place, I'd give up and just get someone else to do the job for me. Haha! Maybe it'll be smart to use some color swatches next time you think of doing any painting jobs.


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