Hi pals! I'm in Rome.


Sooo.. yeah. 

I've been missing for like a month.

But I promise there's a good reason for that.


I'm in ROME!!!!!

No, not Rome, Georgia. (I had no clue there was such a thing until the weather.com website repeatedly suggested that I was in Rome, Georgia not the legit Rome with the colosseum and the "legit" gladiators and all those other legit things. Like the Pope.)

So yeah, I'm in Italy.

Don't be jealous. I'm here for work.

Alright, you can still be a little jealous. :)

I ate at some of the most delish restaurants last week and went exploring this weekend!

Here's a few pics to tide you over until I'm back on American soil doing crazy American things! Like eating 32 oz steaks, singing the national anthem in public places, and eating crappy frozen yogurt.. because nothing compares to gelato.



Star Wars represent!!

 Hey David, your goods are showing.

 The money shot. I swear I'm not a perv 100% a perv, I had to sneak this pic and this was the angle I got. hehehe

Florence was gorgeous!

xx, Shannon

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Spring Pinterest Challenge!


Who's participating in the Spring Pinterest Challenge?! Katie and Sherry issued this season's challenge yesterday and I am pumped to have an excuse to stop pinning and start doing!!

Last challenge I was inspired by some herb planter boxes I saw on Pinterest and decided to build my own!

This challenge, I have plans on a project for the living room!

I have been obsessively looking for a coffee table, specifically something with a mid mod vibe to it, and I haven't had any luck in my price range. Seriously, I've been stalking Craigslist (don't take that the wrong way HA!) for the perfect piece but just haven't found anything yet... sooooo I'm going to build one! Wooo!! Time for a little power tool action!
Here's my inspiration!
Obviously the third table is my favorite but I'm not sure if I'd be able to DIY that fab brass hardware connecting each table leg (any ideas?!). I think the first table may be more the look that I can accomplish. I absolutely love the tapered legs, and I like that the table is long and narrow (perfect for our 93" sofa!).
Think I can crank this bad boy out by next Wednesday?! I sure hope so!
If you're participating in the challenge, be sure to let me know what you plan on making! :)
xx, Shannon

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Haven Conference


Is anyone else going to Haven this year? I am beyond excited for such a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, learn from the best, and to hopefully network with as many people as I possibly can!
Haven Maven
Not to mention some of my favorite bloggers will be speaking this year! John & Sherry, Katie, and Carmel! Can I get a what what?! I'm totally counting down the days.

I would love to know if any of you are attending Haven, that way we can be sure to meet eachother! Also, if you've attended a blogging conference in the past, I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you have!

xx, Shannon

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