House Tour -- Spring 2013 -- Master Bedroom


Our Master bedroom was one of the first rooms that was painted when we moved into the house. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not much for brown walls. They just don't speak to me... at least in a way that I'd like them to, haha!!

We also pulled up all of the carpet and laid laminate wood flooring upstairs before we moved anything in. Those two changes alone did a lot for this room! Oh, and we also switched out the fan because we really wanted something with a light! By the way... how do people sleep in those gorgeous rooms with a chandelier instead of a fan? Is it because I live in Florida or what?? If the fan is not on full-speed, I'm not sleeping! #toohottohandle

Here's the pictures of the bedroom from the MLS listing.

Carpet overload, and poo brown walls. PERFECT!

Of course it takes me like 8 tries before I feel like a room is really headed in the right path. Remember when I painted this room 3 times in one weekend? Then just decided to mix my own custom color? Yeah, that's completely normal around here. My thought process is that it's not me... it's the paint or the room or the way the Earth spins on it's axis... something like that. But definitely not me. ;)

Here's how the room looks today

Uhh yeah.. sooo.. I painted the room purple when we first moved in. But I never finished the purple in the little hall that connects the bedroom to the bathroom. So it was purple and brown for a good 2 years. I guess deep in my subconcious I knew the purple was not for me... or I am just reaaaallllly lazy. SPOILER ALERT.. It has been painted since these pictures were taken. 

Wooo!! Go Shannon, it's your birthday!! Ooh ooh!

The funny thing is I really do dance like this. HAHA

Okay back to the bedroom.

Someone needs to do a blog post on how to style pillows on your bed. I know I'm doing it wrong.
I also need to do a blog post on how I made that fabulous headboard!

Looks a lot better, right? :) It still definitely needs some work... the bedroom is lacking in the wall decor/personality department so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I do have a few ideas up my sleeve so we'll have more changes to the bedroom and vanity area to share with you all soon! :) :) Hopefully we can tackle some projects this weekend since Aaron is off! Aaron is probably reading this and running for his life. MUAHAHA!!

Have an awesome weekend guys!!

xx, Shannon

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  1. I love your picture comments, hee!

    I think that it is a gorgeous room and very soothing and peaceful, which is exactly what you need in a bedroom. Good job!

  2. Seriously LOVE that wall color! Oh and if you happen to find a blog that has a good bed layering/styling post please share because I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong too :/

  3. It's pretty neat that Aaron's okay with living in such a feminine-leaning bedroom...or is he? Can't wait to see what you guys got done over the weekend!

  4. Oh you are so funny! Isn't it amazing how long we can live with those little things... I still have patched holes on some walls that I need to (quickly) touch up with leftover paint... it would take two minutes. Why don't I do it?? One day!


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