I NEED this Green Couch!!



Did you see the 2014 Ikea catalog?


Go look now!!

I'll wait. :)


Did you fall in love with like 843 items like I did?!

Okay, in all seriousness, I'm loving a lot of what Ikea is coming out with for 2014!

But my FAVORITE thing in the catolog..

That green couch!!!!

I love the shape, the color, the fabric! 

I definitely think we need to find a place in the new house for this beauty. :)

xx, Shannon

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The New House Dirty Deets


We close on the new house in a little over a month! AHHH!! This is starting to feel real. I probably should start packing because Aaron and I have enough stuff for approximately 27 average human beings.

We like to stay above average in all aspects of life.

Even in our hoarding. :)

We had our inspection on the new house yesterday, and overall everything was great! The inspector said we found a gem, if we look past the disgust wallpaper and the outdated bathrooms. Clearly he does not know that I absolutely LOVE 90s wallpaper and enjoy peeling each and every square inch off of the wall until my fingers are bruised and bloody!! If you're not vibing the sarcasm in that statement, you are out.your.mind! With that being said, please come help me remove wallpaper!! :)

I'll feed you! 

And hug you probably 4,000 times.

Don't all volunteer at once!

If you're following along on Instagram -- @fabvintage -- (which you should be doing because we're providing so many sneak peeks!!!), you would know that we have lots of fun wallpaper in our new house!

 Master Bath

Left: Full Bath // Right: Master Bath

And that's only the start of it! YAY!

The wallpaper is not so nice but the potential is there, and it's all I can see!! :)

I don't want to share too many photos right now since the current owner still has all their personal items in the house, but I did want to share some of the details this house has in store for us! :)

New House Dirty Deets:

4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
2800 square feet
Split Floorplan
Formal Dining Room & Eat in Kitchen
Family Room & Living Room
POOL!!!!!!!! & Large Screened in Patio
1/2 Acre Lot in a Beautiful Neighborhood

The kitchen has been recently updated and is nice and open to the living room, which I love! We have LOTS of big plans to make this space feel like our own!

The bathrooms are unlike the kitchen and are very outdated. I'm guessing they have't changed at all since the house was built 24 years ago, so we also have big plans here too!

Follow me on Pinterest to see my ideas for these spaces! :) I've been a pinning maniac lately!

Next week I'm going to share some final before and after pics of the townhouse as well as some comparisons of the new house vs the old. :) Exciting!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xx, Shannon

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Future House Must Haves


While shopping for our next house, we came up with a list of things that were absolutely necessary for us to consider a house, as well as a list of not necessary, but totally a plus if the house has it kind of thing!

Here's the list!

Must Have:
3 bedrooms
.5 acre - 1.5 acre
Open kitchen (or a kitchen that had potential to be open)
Large dining space
Nice, safe neighborhood
Good school district (I'm a planner, what can I say?! ha!!)
Storage (Linen closets, pantry, broom closet, etc)
Lots of natural light

And the list of nice to haves:
Tall ceilings
Hardwood Floors
Easily accessible bathroom for guests
Laundry room (not laundry closet)
4 bedrooms
Office space

We toured a ton of houses in a lot of different areas to help us narrow down where we really want to be.

I'm so glad we did this because where I thought we wanted to be, was definitely not where we ended up! Hahaha!

xx, Shannon 

Oh yeah, we found a new house and are under contract!!!!! :) :) :) :)
And it definitely kills that list!
Details next week!

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2 days and 5 offers later, we're under contract!!


We're under contract on our townhouse!! 

The MLS listing went live Friday morning, we had 2 showings that afternoon, Saturday we had 4 showings, and Sunday we had 2 more. By Sunday evening, we had received 3 amazing offers; 2 at asking price and 1 ABOVE asking!! :)

Aaron was working and I was seriously so excited that I was running around the house like a maniac! Thankfully my friend was over eating dinner with me because I probably would have lost it without someone to be excited with, HAHA! (Thanks Lorissa!)

Obviously I didn't want to make any decisions until the next day when Aaron was home and we could talk about everything together. Monday morning we got 2 more offers! More than anything I just felt really good that out of the 8 people that viewed my house, 5 liked it so much that they wanted to buy it. :)

It's an awesome feeling and I am so grateful for that!

Monday afternoon we accepted the above asking price offer since it was the best offer all around, not just due to the price! They must have really wanted their offer to look the best because  they were flexible with our closing date (a MUST since we were still house hunting), they didn't even take the $600 home warranty we offered, and they were putting down the most earnest money. Win win all around!

So by Monday evening, we were under contract! :)


Picture me looking 85% like this:

Would be 100% if I was a hairy boy. Which I am not. But still, minor details.

With that being said... we may or may not have also found our next house. :)


xx, Shannon

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We're Selling Our House!!!


EDIT: The tutorial for my DIY Mid Century Modern Coffee table has been posted! :)

For the first time since the day we moved in 2 years ago, our house looks good. Like, really good. So naturally, like any normal human being, it's time to sell!!
Okay, okay, that's not the only reason it's time to sell.. but it is one of my reasons. :) Aaron may disagree... remember that I'm the project nazi around here; he's just my slave minion sweet boyfriend fiancĂ© (!!!!) that willingly goes along with all my crazy plans. I am one lucky lady.

When we bought our house in 2011, the market in Florida (as well as many other areas) was at an all time low. Like rock bottom. Like Lindsay Lohan circa 2011 always (minus her Parent Trap years -- I liked that movie!!).

We bought our house for 1/2 of what others paid for theirs in the community when the market was up. Granted, it was hideous, but nothing a little TLC couldn't brighten up!
Fast forward 2 years, and lots of projects later (aka now), and this house is looking pretty schnazzy. On top of that, the housing market in Tampa (not sure about other areas?!) is on the rise! Houses are going under contract in weeks rather than months, mortgage rates have risen a point in 1 month alone, and the supply of houses definitely isn't meeting the current demand. 

Combine all these factors, it's time to move on.
AwwWwWwWw a kitty :)

So I am excited to say that our first home is for sale. :) It's kind of bitter-sweet to think about. This little house has been a labor of love so I'll be sad to leave it behind, but at the same time I'm really excited about moving on to something bigger and better! :)

(Yes, I have been hoarding photos of my updated living room for months. Sorry about that!)

Of course we're looking for a fixer-upper, so I am SO EXCITED for some fun renovations to come!

Now we just need to cross our fingers that the place sells! :)
I'm going to share the things we did to get this place ready for the market. I'm also going to share some of the houses we're interested in! GET EXCITED!

Also, since I'm now getting MARRIED! YEAHHHHHH!! I'll be posting some wedding DIY/planning stuff too! :) Hope you don't mind!

So (hopefully) lots of changes in the next few weeks for us! Oooh ooooohhh!!

So glad to have you guys along for the ride! ROADTRIP OH YEAH!

xx, Shannon

EDIT: The tutorial for my DIY Mid Century Modern Coffee table has been posted! :)

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I'm getting MARRIED!!!! :)



Aaron and I are finally getting married!!! :))

He asked me on Friday night, June 28 in downtown Tampa! :) 

He couldn't have planned it any better! He totally caught me of guard; I definitely wasn't expecting anything since our 4 year anniversary is in October. :)

We left the next morning for a weekend together in Savannah and are now on our way to visit my parents for a week in North Carolina! :)

We had a blast exploring historic Savannah, I can't get enough of those old homes!

So needless to say we're really excited.. And we have lots of work to do!! :) 

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! :)

I'll be sure to enjoy mine with my fiancé!! Ahhhh!!! :)

xx, Shannon
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