The New House Dirty Deets


We close on the new house in a little over a month! AHHH!! This is starting to feel real. I probably should start packing because Aaron and I have enough stuff for approximately 27 average human beings.

We like to stay above average in all aspects of life.

Even in our hoarding. :)

We had our inspection on the new house yesterday, and overall everything was great! The inspector said we found a gem, if we look past the disgust wallpaper and the outdated bathrooms. Clearly he does not know that I absolutely LOVE 90s wallpaper and enjoy peeling each and every square inch off of the wall until my fingers are bruised and bloody!! If you're not vibing the sarcasm in that statement, you are out.your.mind! With that being said, please come help me remove wallpaper!! :)

I'll feed you! 

And hug you probably 4,000 times.

Don't all volunteer at once!

If you're following along on Instagram -- @fabvintage -- (which you should be doing because we're providing so many sneak peeks!!!), you would know that we have lots of fun wallpaper in our new house!

 Master Bath

Left: Full Bath // Right: Master Bath

And that's only the start of it! YAY!

The wallpaper is not so nice but the potential is there, and it's all I can see!! :)

I don't want to share too many photos right now since the current owner still has all their personal items in the house, but I did want to share some of the details this house has in store for us! :)

New House Dirty Deets:

4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
2800 square feet
Split Floorplan
Formal Dining Room & Eat in Kitchen
Family Room & Living Room
POOL!!!!!!!! & Large Screened in Patio
1/2 Acre Lot in a Beautiful Neighborhood

The kitchen has been recently updated and is nice and open to the living room, which I love! We have LOTS of big plans to make this space feel like our own!

The bathrooms are unlike the kitchen and are very outdated. I'm guessing they have't changed at all since the house was built 24 years ago, so we also have big plans here too!

Follow me on Pinterest to see my ideas for these spaces! :) I've been a pinning maniac lately!

Next week I'm going to share some final before and after pics of the townhouse as well as some comparisons of the new house vs the old. :) Exciting!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xx, Shannon

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  1. Holy nightmare wallpaper! But what an awesome house! a Pool?? screened patio?? sooo exciting - I bet you are dying to get in there. Congrats, can't wait to see it :)

  2. Can't wait to see how you decorate your new place! :)

  3. Lots of potential! Congrats on the new place and selling yours so quickly. Looking forward to seeing all the decorating goodies you plan to do. :)

  4. No es por nada, pero el papel de pared que tenias puesto ya estaba pasado de moda!!! Yo continuo cambiando la decoraciĆ³n de mi casa, y me compre unos papeles de pared impresionantes. Te dejo aqui para que lo veas


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