The One That Got Away


I am so sad while writing this post. I almost wish I didn't share pictures & details of the hopeful new house because then maybe I wouldn't be so sad.

If you haven't guessed it yet, the house we found a few weeks ago isn't going to be ours.

Long story short, the house appraised $25,000 lower than what we were under contract for. The sellers didn't want to work out any kind of deal besides us paying an additional $25,000 cash at closing in order to buy the house. Since 1, we didn't want to grossly overpay for a house and 2, we were already putting down 20% plus closing costs, we really had no choice but to walk away.

I know that everything happens for a reason and this must not have been the perfect house for us... but right now I'm just feeling really mad/upset/stressed/annoyed/hopeless/pathetic/etc.

I'll probably re-read this in a month and realize how much of a drama queen I'm being but as of right now.. these emotions feel just right.

We have to be out of our townhouse in less than 2 weeks and the buyers do not want to extend closing (don't blame them). 

Sooo.... anyone have a house for us to crash in?!?!

Bare with me over the next few weeks because it is probably going to be very quiet around here while we look for another new place.

Anyone else have this happen to them and want to try and make me feel better? :) Please make me feel better.

xx, Shannon

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  1. Thats awful, I'm so sorry! I'm convinced no one has an easy buying/selling experience. It an emotional time and I would be feeling the same way!

    Good luck in your house hunt Shannon!

  2. I'm so sorry!! I had something similar happen recently, but in my case, the home inspection was 85 pages long and to fix everything in it would have tallied up to the cost of essentially a second 20% down payment! I had to walk away, too, and it was sad and difficult.

    I'm sure you'll find another one, and it will truly be perfect!

  3. it was not meant to be and there is something better out there for you. i know that is hard to swallow right now, but when you move into that house, you will think "so this is what she was talking about."

  4. oh, i am so sorry to hear this! we had a hard time when we were house hunting, making offers and losing out to cash deals, multiple offers, etc. i know how crushing it can be to lose a place you had your heart set on! :( wishing you lots of luck in the continued search!

  5. I'm sorry! I actually work for a mortgage company so I deal with this sort of thing every day. But everyone who loses a house the first time round, always say that they love their new house so much more.

    My fingers are crossed for you!

  6. That's so heart-wrenching! I'm sorry to hear this!! I know the feeling of having your heart in your throat for the duration of the "waiting game" (but I was lucky; we got a foreclosure with the stipulation that we'd close within the month, and it actually happened...I hear that's kinda rare). I'm sure the ladies who say it'll be worth it in the end are totally right -- that it happened for a reason and you'll adore the house you're meant to have, when you find it -- but needing a place within 2 weeks downright sucks. :-( Sending you good mojo!

  7. Oh no, that really stinks. No room in our tiny two bedroom for you, but I'm sure everything will work itself out. If it makes you feel any better (which I doubt it will) I went to look at and just fell in love with an original 1920's bungalow that is way out of our budget.

    I hope you find the one, Shannon!

  8. Thanks so much ladies!! That house just wasn't meant to be! Back at it tomorrow! Cross your fingers for us! :)


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