Annnnddddd... We're Moved In!


Just a quick post from me today since we are surrounded by boxes!! BUT! That can only mean one thing..
We closed on Friday (not Thursday like planned... grrrr!) and are settling in to our new home!

Friday we spent the entire day cleaning the house. We vacuumed the carpets (like 5 times each.. the amount of hair/dust/idontevenwannaknow the vacuum was picking up was absolutely disgusting. Then we shampooed the rugs, mopped the floors, scrubbed the kitchen and baths, and then passed out from exhaustion/disgust/happiness.

Saturday we moved everything from storage to the house! Thanks Kate, Moose, and Eric for the help!
This day was hot and sweaty and tiring (why do we always move in August/September?!?!!!) but it was nice to finally have all of our things again!

Sunday and Monday were spent unpacking, organizing, moving furniture. You get the drift.
We're still not done unpacking and settling in. I'm hoping by this weekend the house will be in order and we can focus on the garages/sheds (yes, we have lots of those!).

So I just wanted to check-in quickly and let you all know where we're at! I hope to share some interior pics and room layouts later this week!

Until then, follow along on Instagram (@fabvintage) to catch some sneak peeks!

Aaron shampooing the rugs in the living room!

Living Room Sneak Peek!

HUGE CLOSET!!!!!! And lots of shoes. #shoeaddict
xx, Shannon

P.S. We're in first place in our division! If you haven't done so yet, please favorite our entry!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

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