New House -- Guest Bedrooms, Baths, Laundry & Office


Okay, I'm going to stop being a slacker now and I'm going to finish up the house tour I started like a month ago!

In addition to the master bedroom and bath, we have 2 guest bedrooms, an office, and 2 guest baths.

The office and first bath are on the same side of the house as the master.

Right now the office is painted a very dark brown color. It looks pretty much like a Hershey's bar and that definitely is not going to fly in this office because I need to be motivated to work, not to make s'mores. Because let's face it, I love s'mores. You love s'mores. If you don't love s'mores you either were involved in a tragic marshmallow roasting accident or you don't have tastebuds.

But how can I have s'more if I haven't had any yet? I want to be able to channel my inner Wendy Peffercorn in this office, so choco-licious has got to go.

Also, why are there like 400 outlets in this room? Someone should have told the old owners to chillax on the plugs.

Moving on.

In the hall right outside of the office is what we call the hall bath. Currently it holds the litter box so basically it's the cats bathroom. I have plans to change this. In due time.

This bathroom is super tiny. I'm pretty sure at one point this was a half bath and was converted to a three piece. And that the office was a bedroom and the closet was removed to make way for the shower. Just my guess. Either way, if we ever need the office to be a bedroom down the line when we have 18 kids and counting (kidding... or am I?!), we could easily add a closet or some Pax wardrobes. 

I hate this bathroom as is. The pedestal sink is really big and awkward, that mirror is burning my retinas, and once again the tile in this house is giving me the stink eye. I hate that tile. This bathroom definitely has room for improvement.

Right next to the hall bath and across from the master is the laundry room/mud room.

Nothing amazing here. More ugly tile and no washer dryer! YAY!

If we walk through the eat-in kitchen and the living room, on the other side of the house you'll find the two guest bedrooms and the other guest bathroom.

The bedroom on the back off the house is the Green Room. I feel really fancy like I live in the White House and run our country when I call it the Green Room. Pinky up!!

The front bedroom is the Blue Room.

These two bedrooms are the exact same size and have the guest bath in between them. They also have different carpet than the living room (which has different carpet than the master). Don't know what was going on here but the blue room carpet is really badly stained. I can't wait to upgrade the flooring in this house.

Here's the bathroom.

The above photo shows the best true to life colors. Sorry about poor photo quality!

Sorry to sound like a broken record but that tile. UGHHH. Gross. The grout is filthy. I do not like anything about this bathroom besides the window and the size. This room will definitely need a complete redo down the road, with a cheap, phase 1 spruce up asap.

So that's the house! What do you guys think? Has potential but definitely needs some modernizing and sprucing. Don't judge me, I'm about to make a microwave s'more.

xx, Shannon

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  1. The house is great and you'll have a great time changing the paint colors!!

  2. I love how there are a lot of plug in sockets in the office area. I would love to have that many in my office.

  3. Looks like a great house! We've been thinking about using a grout cleaner/paint/sealer on some ugly tile as part of a quick/cheap update. Have you thought about using this type of product?


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