Gray Owl in the Foyer


The fancy foyer has been painted! For the main living spaces, we decided to go with one color since all of the rooms are open to each other. We wanted to make sure things flowed and didn't appear super choppy (like our townhome did when we bought it, that place had 5 colors in the downstairs alone!!).

When we painted the townhouse, we chose Benjamin Moore Intense White (one shade lighter than Gray Owl) because our townhome didn't get a lot of natural light, so I really wanted to make sure it felt light and bright. This time, our home has tons of windows and decorative moldings, so I wanted something a little darker so the moldings really stood out.

Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl was the winner! I actually painted both Gray Owl and Revere Pewter all over the house, but the Revere Pewter was reading way too tan for me.

So, the foyer! In all of it's painted glory!

And as a refresher, where we started:

There's still a lot that I want to do here. I definitely want to replace the light fixture (and I've actually already ordered something that I hope works out nicely!!), I'm also contemplating painting the inside of the front door so that it really stands out among all that molding, instead of looking like one big white blob. Annnnd I'm on the hunt for a console table and a rug.

With that being said, our foyer to-do list looks a little something like this:

Paint -- Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
Hang flower prints that used to hang over couch in townhome
New light fixture (already ordered something!)
Find a console table
Paint door? No idea on what color.
Rug that better fits space
Finishing touches

What have you guys been working on? Any foyer/entry way beautifying?

xx, Shannon

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  1. Looks Fabulous! :)

  2. Love it! Random fact time: Did you know the purpose of ceiling medallions was to prevent the actual ceiling from obtaining burn marks from old candle chandeliers? I just recently found that out and probably found it way more interesting than it actually is.


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