The dining room is painted!


Alright folks, as promised it's time to start discussing the dining room dirty deets! I'd have to say that the dining room is currently one of the most "done" rooms in the house, even though there are still lots of plans for the space.
So here she is all primed and painted (and decorated for Christmas)!
Ahhhh, I love it!
So let's talk about how we got to this stage!
As a refresher, when we bought the house, the dining room was painted a very dark red color.

I definitely wasn't a fan of the red but I did love the moldings and windows, so that was a plus!

I started by patching and sanding the bazillion (this number is approximate) holes in the walls, then moved on to priming. Since I was planning on doing the lighter blue/green color and knew that painting over dark red would be a pain without it, I figured may as well take the time to prime (is that a new catch phrase?!! Take the time to Prime!!!!) I LIKE IT.

That's after one coat of primer (I ended up doing two). Now I know some people HATE taping off rooms and would rather just freehand the cutting in, but I am the opposite of that (go figure, HA!). I would rather take the time to tape so that I can quickly cut-in. Plus I love a really crisp line and my hand isn't 100% steady... aka I have no patience!! So I tape. I don't tape off the crown molding though, just the windows, door frames, and chair rail. I'm a personal fan of Frog Tape and I always buy it at Sherwin Williams when they do their sales, so that helps cut down on the cost. :)

This room alone had the 2 windows, 3 door ways, and full chair rail to tape. Definitely took me a bit of time!

After priming, I painted! The color I chose was Benjamin Moore's Palm Springs color-matched in the HGTV line of Sherwin Williams paint (aka the cheap one). I discovered how much I loved that brand of paint back at the townhouse! And when you buy 15 un-tinted cans of it at a Sherwin Williams 40% off sale (this is normal right?!!), you're getting the cans for like $18 each. And the coverage is phenomenal! I'm not being perked to say this (not in any way affiliated with SW), I am just so impressed by the coverage the paint offers for the price. 

I don't have any great pictures of the room painted without the furniture in it, but I found this one from before there was anything hanging on the walls.

So there you have it! A painted dining room. Tomorrow I'll share the furniture and wall art details along with what else is planned for this space! :)
Have you guys been painting anything lately? I feel like all we do is paint. I should probably just quit my day job and become a professional painter. 
Do you prefer to tape or freehand when you cut-in? Do you think I should trademark the phrase "Take the time to Prime!"?
xx, Shannon

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  1. I loooove the color you chose! And those chairs that were in the "before" photo are AMAZING. I love them!

    Oh, and I totally cut in free-hand...I never tape things off. My dad was a painter during his summer's off, and I think his paint skills rubbed off on me. :)

  2. Beautiful makeover! I love the wall color you chose. So soothing!!

  3. Your dining room is lovely! I really love your table & chairs, especially with that wall color - perfection :)

  4. This looks fabulous! I loooove that table - cannot wait for some furniture details!!

  5. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

  6. Wow! It looks SO good! Such a crazy good before + after. Kudos to you for priming and taping... want to come help me paint my next room?? : )

  7. Your dining room looks amazing! Wow, what a change from the color before. I'm also a big fan of taping, but I also never tape around the ceiling or crown. I've never tried the HGTV line of paint at SW, but I'm going to now! Palm Springs looks so good in your dining room, and I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you're interested!

  8. Palm Springs doesn't seem to be a Benjamin Moore paint color. Is that the right name and brand?



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