Lately I've been Pinning


If you check out my latest Pinterest pins, you can definitely spot a trend. Everything is white. And you know what, I really, really like that look! None of these rooms scream "stark" or "sterile" to me; rather, I feel that they're really clean, fresh, bright, and modern.

Source Unknown, Found Here

So do you love the white as much as I do? It just looks so nice, and clean! And I love how all of the wood tones and bright colors pop off the white walls! :)

On a completely different side note, I absolutely LOVE this clock. $135 though.. is it worth the splurge?

Have a great Easter weekend! :)

xx, Shannon

How Do You Juggle it All?


So, if you haven't caught the drift. I am freakin' busy! Pardon my bluntness but its the truth!

I get to work at 7 am (to support all of my international projects/calls/meetings) and then leave at 4/4:30ish. On the nights that Aaron is working, I have about 1 hour to spend with him before he has to leave for the night. These are the nights when I'm the busiest. Once he's out the door, I hop on the computer to work on blog designs, coding, etc., and don't leave from my seat until 11/11:30ish -- I do this so that I can spend Aaron's off days with him, you know enjoying each other's company like normal people! I take a shower, go sleep a few hours, and then wake up and do it all over again.

Juggling two jobs is a lot of work, and some days I really just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. Absolutely nothing... besides maybe watching some tv (hopefully COPS is on, then Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and How I Met Your Mother/Criminal Minds/Big Bang Theory.. I am a creature of habit), snacking on some goodies, all while working on my own blog! It would be nice to write a few blog posts ahead of time every once in awhile. :)

I've thought about taking a break from blog designs, but I just can't get myself to do that. I seriously LOVE that work. I get to use my creativity and work with some really awesome people to help them make their websites the best they can be. Why would I not want to do that?!

So, what I'm really asking for is this:
How do you ladies do it? How do you juggle so much, and still have a little time for yourself? I'm sure there are SO many of you out there that are busier than me, with kids to look after, a family to feed, and a job to do. Please, tell me your secrets! 

xx, Shannon

P.s. For now, I'm going to try to just Keep Calm, and Smile. :) Couldn't hurt, right?

My Weekend in North Carolina


As I eluded to yesterday, I flew up to North Carolina last weekend to visit my parents. Its kind of weird for me to say that since my parents live in Florida too; however, things are going to be changing with my family, so may as well share that before I jump into the fun weekend!

To make a long story short, my Dad works at a nuclear power plant in Florida. This power plant underwent some damage a few years back and as a result was not running. The decision as to whether to fix the damage (a very expensive fix with an uncertain outcome) or to close down the plant was looming and about 2 months ago the decision was made. The plant was closing. Now, I'm sure this is no big deal to a lot of different areas, but where I grew up there really wasn't much going on. To paint a better picture, the county I lived in only had a handful of high schools, everyone knew everyone, a department store in our "mall" was a K-Mart, we got our first Wal Mart about 8 years ago, and our first Olive Garden about 3 years ago. Basically what I'm saying is, we lived in a small, rural town (though it has GREATLY developed from when my family first moved there 23 years ago). If you lived where I lived you were either A. retired and relocated from the Northeast, B. owned your own business or private practice, or C. worked at the power plant. Literally, the main reason why the majority of people came to live in my hometown for the first place, was because of a job at the power plant. So the power plant closing was a big, BIG deal. My family is fortunate enough that my Dad works extremely hard and has built a name for himself over the years (thus the reason my dad is currently in North Carolina, helping out another plant and exploring his job options). However, there were many other families who were not as fortunate, and not really as able to just uproot their lives and move. A very sad situation.

So, my parents are moving. I never thought I would say those words. My parents love where they live; the community is quiet, there's lots of lakes, rivers, and the Gulf to take the boat out on, to go fishing. It was perfect for them. So to say that they're moving is still kind of rendering odd in my mind. Thankfully my parents are very close to paying off their mortgage on my childhood home, so that is not going anywhere. They're just going to look to buy a second (and much smaller) home in North Carolina, live and work there for the next 6-7 years when my Dad would retire, and they would then split their time between Florida and North Carolina. It's all very different, and is taking some getting used to, but my Mom and Dad are very excited. They love North Carolina, and this is kind of a little adventure for them, so while I am sad that my parents won't always be a hop, skip, and a jump away, I am also very excited for their new adventure.

Whoa! Sorry to get all serious on you guys! I normally like to keep it light around here, but wanted to share so this all made sense. :)

Back to the reason of this post, my trip up to North Carolina to check out the area they were looking at. :) I flew out Friday afternoon after a short day at work, and arrived late that evening. We had to drive about 45 minutes from the airport to get to the rental house my dad's company had him staying in while he was helping out this other plant. The rental house is on Oak Island and is literally steps from the beach!! Those lucky ducks!

The rental house.

View of the beach from the front balcony.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous! I loved all the houses right next to the dunes, the sand was soft, and the waves were a nice treat! We go to the beach all the time, but around here they're pretty crowded, a little touristy, and the water is quite flat. So it was nice to find a peaceful area, since it's currently the "off-season."We have found some fave spots though that are really nice & not touristy if you ever visit Florida and need some suggestions, holler at your girl!

I was only going to be in town for about a day and a half, so we spent all of our time exploring!
We visited downtown Southport, which is where they filmed the movie Safe Haven -- and if you didn't know that, you would quickly find out since literally every place I went into was selling something from the movie, cheesy t-shirts or mugs, or was the talk of the town, HA! We also went to lots of thrift shops and antique stores! I even bought a little something that I will share next week. :)

After exploring the cute little downtown area, my parents took me to see the rental house that they're interested in. It was in one of the nicest communities I have ever seen. It had a marina, lots of clubhouses, walking paths, etc. And all of the houses were GORGEOUS! They all were new but had such nice character, and weren't cookie cutter houses like you see a lot of the time in planned communities in Florida.

The inside of the house is really nice too, and my mom already has tons of ideas for furnishings and decorating! Maybe I'll have to share some photos once they get in and settled! :)

I had a great weekend with the old folks and can't wait to visit again when Aaron can come too! :)

I mean seriously, how could you not love them? Haha!!

I'll share some more next week. :) Anyone else been to Southport before? Or live in North Carolina? It's such a pretty state! Any fun plans for the weekend? I'll just be laying low at home, getting some work done!

xx, Shannon

Living Room Updates -- New Rug


So I promised not to disappear again and what did I do? I disappeared. Long story short (I'll share the long story tomorrow), I went to NC to visit my parents this weekend, my flight home was delayed, I was trapped in the smallest airport known to man, I missed my connection, had to stay the night in a dumpy hotel, missed work on Monday and finally made it home later that afternoon. Sounds like a good time, am I right or am I right?!!

Anyways, I'll share the details of my fun trip -- we stayed on Oak Island and explored the cute city of Southport where they filmed the movie Safe Haven -- tomorrow, but for today.. feast your eyes on my new rug! :)

It's a low pile, wool rug from Rugs USA! I ordered it when they were doing a 50% off sale (which it seems to me like they're almost always doing, so if you're in the market for a rug, don't buy from there unless it is 50% off or more -- I hear they do 75% off for Black Friday!)

I love how it looks with the new couch and I also love how its much more neutral than the old one! Plus, since this one is wool and low pile, and the old one was polyester and high pile (is that the opposite of low pile??), it doesn't get caught and pulled when the cats are acting like ninja warriors and attacking each other on it! They should probably add that to the item description, just sayin'.

Here's the old rug again to refresh your memory. It was colorful and big, but not really fitting the direction I'm going with the space. But do not feel bad for Mr.old rug, he is now happily placed in my guest room/office. :)

And here's a refresher of the living room before I decided to completely change it, HA! Typical me. :)

And as a reminder to myself, here's all of my ideas/hopes/inspiration for the room! I've already tackled a lot of projects, I just need to share them with you guys! I'll be busy typing away this weekend! :)

So what do you guys think? The new rug looks good, right? And even if it's not your style, you gotta love that the cats can totally be ninja warriors on it without me having a catniption... get it conniption, cat-niption HA! Okay, maybe that wasn't a good joke.

xx, Shannon

Where the heck have I been?!


That pretty much sums up the past two weeks for me. Oh hi there, how are ya? Thought I was kidnapped or vanished? Or maybe that I was secretly an undercover spy and I was called to duty? I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill tickle you. 

Seriously, I have been a crizz-azy woman the past two weeks.. working on projects, finishing up blog designs, working my regular 9-5, exercising a little, and trying to find a little me/snuggle Aaron time somewhere in between.

I promise to be back next week with LOTS of living room updates. :) If you follow along on instagram @fabvintage, you've already seen some sneak peeks!

I worked hard on that bad boy and I can't wait to share all the details with you guys next week! This weekend I am going on a last minute trip to North Carolina with my Mom to visit my Dad who is helping out a power plant up there with their outage. Should be a fun weekend! :)

Be back next week -- I promise... unless I am called to duty again. ;)
xx, Shannon

Living Room Updates -- New Couch


As I mentioned in my living room ideas post, we have received our new couch! :) Remember when I first introduced the couch back in January? Well, it took about 3 weeks to get here, and now I am finally sharing how it looks in our space! You know, since I like to be fashionably late, and I decided it would be a great idea to paint practically the entire house! I know.. I'm pretty much a genius. 0:)

Well, I think it's safe to say I absolutely LOVE it! I've pretty much been petting it non-stop; the cats are getting jealous! It looks amazing in the living room, its so nice and structured (not frumpy like our last couch), and is actually quite comfy! :)  Plus the fact that I got it 50% off pretty much seals the deal. It's still available at West Elm if you're interested. :)

Okay, enough chit chat -- Here she is in all of her glory!

Stop drooling.

As a reminder, heres our old couch (which we sold on Craigslist for only $150 less than what we originally paid 2 years ago!!) -- I hated how the cushions didn't hold their shape very well -- which is why there are 3 million pillows on it. :)

The lines of the new couch are perfect, and so much more my style. I love the tufting, I love the legs, the color, the fabric -- everything!

We're still shopping around for a mate or two? for the couch. Not sure if we want to get a loveseat or two chairs. I'll have to keep brainstorming here.

I seriously worked like a crazy woman this weekend while Aaron was at work/sleeping -- I'm pretty sure he's loving this whole go to work and come home to all the projects being finished thing -- I think he planned this.. I'm onto you Aaron. As a result, our living room projects are starting to be checked off!! I'll be sharing all the details this week, so be sure to check back! 

So what did you do this weekend? Tackle any projects? Have you purchased any furniture lately? 

xx, Shannon
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