Dining Room Furniture!


Yesterday you guys got a sneak peek at the new dining room furniture when I shared the painted walls! 

So now let's discuss what we ended up choosing for the room.

It should come as no surprise that I love Mid Century Modern inspired design. Which is actually kind of funny based on the style of house I live in. But I feel like it works. I kind of like the whole "the inside of my house doesn't match the outside" kind of thing. It's funky and fresh and I'm okay with that (because I'm funky and fresh... to death) Sorry had to do it, HA!

So when it was time to choose a dining table I pretty much had it narrowed down to 2 choices based on my LONG list of dining table wishes.

1. The table had to extend to seat 8-10 people
2. The table had to be under $1000 with shipping (my awesome parents bought Aaron and I the table as a housewarming gift, so I definitely wanted the cost to be as minimal as possible). Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Okay I lied, I didn't have a long list of dining table must haves. But I had been casually stalking 2 tables at my local Crate and Barrel and West Elm. (Is that possible? Can you casually stalk something? HAHA) I befriended the sales associated there and begged asked them to tell me if they ever decided to sell their floor model so that I could A. get a discount, and B. not have to pay shipping!!

Well the above never happened, so I was determined to get a deal otherwise!

I was deciding between West Elm's Parker and Crate and Barrel's Oslo. Truthfully, I loved them both and would have been happy with either one. BUT the negative reviews about the Oslo being a super soft wood that scratched really easily had me leaning more towards the Parker.

And then something happened. Something that put me over the edge. It was fate, destiny, my life was COMPLETE! 

I was dancing at my keyboard like this

West Elm ran a 25% off dining furniture sale. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!
I texted my mom and scoured my email for a coupon code and actually found one that I could stack with the 25% off sale!

I can't recall the final price of the table with shipping but my parents did get the 25% off plus and additional 10%, so I was super happy about that!

So the parker it was!! Now I just had to decide on chairs. I knew I wanted something white to pair with the wooden table. One night while Aaron was at work (I feel like my best stories always start that way HAHA) I just so happened to be looking at Restoration Hardware's clearance section when I stumbled upon their Forma Painted Chair. I loved the fun shape, the chrome legs, and the price. Right now it's on clearance for $59 (originally $129), but I got mine for $19 each! With FREE shipping! AHHHH!! Wham Bam Thank you Sam! Come to mama!

I felt like the table and chairs were meant to be. They were destined for one another. A lifelong friendship in the making.

BUT! Something just wasn't right. My knock-off Eames chairs at the end of the table just weren't doing it for me. Since I knew I could use them in another space (hehehehe), and because Aaron's very sweet and generous Aunt gave us a West Elm giftcard as a housewarming gift, I decided that the West Elm Stackable chair was the perfect chair for the end of the table!

I couldn't love our dining room table and chairs more. :)

Come back tomorrow for details on the super cheap "art" hanging on the walls!

xx, Shannon

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The dining room is painted!


Alright folks, as promised it's time to start discussing the dining room dirty deets! I'd have to say that the dining room is currently one of the most "done" rooms in the house, even though there are still lots of plans for the space.
So here she is all primed and painted (and decorated for Christmas)!
Ahhhh, I love it!
So let's talk about how we got to this stage!
As a refresher, when we bought the house, the dining room was painted a very dark red color.

I definitely wasn't a fan of the red but I did love the moldings and windows, so that was a plus!

I started by patching and sanding the bazillion (this number is approximate) holes in the walls, then moved on to priming. Since I was planning on doing the lighter blue/green color and knew that painting over dark red would be a pain without it, I figured may as well take the time to prime (is that a new catch phrase?!! Take the time to Prime!!!!) I LIKE IT.

That's after one coat of primer (I ended up doing two). Now I know some people HATE taping off rooms and would rather just freehand the cutting in, but I am the opposite of that (go figure, HA!). I would rather take the time to tape so that I can quickly cut-in. Plus I love a really crisp line and my hand isn't 100% steady... aka I have no patience!! So I tape. I don't tape off the crown molding though, just the windows, door frames, and chair rail. I'm a personal fan of Frog Tape and I always buy it at Sherwin Williams when they do their sales, so that helps cut down on the cost. :)

This room alone had the 2 windows, 3 door ways, and full chair rail to tape. Definitely took me a bit of time!

After priming, I painted! The color I chose was Benjamin Moore's Palm Springs color-matched in the HGTV line of Sherwin Williams paint (aka the cheap one). I discovered how much I loved that brand of paint back at the townhouse! And when you buy 15 un-tinted cans of it at a Sherwin Williams 40% off sale (this is normal right?!!), you're getting the cans for like $18 each. And the coverage is phenomenal! I'm not being perked to say this (not in any way affiliated with SW), I am just so impressed by the coverage the paint offers for the price. 

I don't have any great pictures of the room painted without the furniture in it, but I found this one from before there was anything hanging on the walls.

So there you have it! A painted dining room. Tomorrow I'll share the furniture and wall art details along with what else is planned for this space! :)
Have you guys been painting anything lately? I feel like all we do is paint. I should probably just quit my day job and become a professional painter. 
Do you prefer to tape or freehand when you cut-in? Do you think I should trademark the phrase "Take the time to Prime!"?
xx, Shannon

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Our Dining Room Christmas Tablescape


I finally got around to jazzing up the dining table for Christmas!
I know I've shown before pictures of the dining room before, but I have yet to share our paint, furniture, and decor choices! So take this as a sneak peek! :) I'll share the dining room details next week!
Here's our Christmas dining table!
I wanted to keep it simple and I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I used things from around the house to stage the center of the table. 
I started with our simple, white Ikea plates we use pretty much every night for dinner! Love those things! Next I added in our even cheaper Ikea wine glasses! FANCY ALERT!
Then I laid down a silver metallic runner (Homegoods) and topped that with a Michael's garland that I got for about $8 with coupons. 
Next I added in some of my vintage brass goodies that I had around the house. :) These were all yard sale or thrift store finds! And to put the cherry on top, I added in a few glittery ornaments leftover from tree decorating.
Here's a few detail shots!
And that my friends, is a cheap and easy holiday tablescape! :)
Do you deck out your dining table for holiday dinners? I have to confess, when we actually eat with family, we totally use paper plates to make cleanup easy. :) Our little secret!
xx, Shannon

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It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas


At our house this year!

I was so excited to decorate our house this year! I mean look at it, it's basically made for Christmas with it's white siding, green roof & trim, and red door!

We decided not to go all out with the lights because we wanted to wait until after Christmas sales to add to the lights we have from the much smaller to decorate townhouse.

So we thought we'd purchase wreaths for in the windows instead. :)

We got them at Michaels during a sale and only paid $3 per 24 inch wreath, $3 per garland, $2 per red bow, and $7 for the giant spool of red ribbon. Not too shabby if you ask me. :)

The poinsettias were scored on Black Friday for $1 each!

I'll have to take a night picture for you guys tonight so you can see how it looks with the lights on! :)

In other news, we had our Ugly Sweater party at the house this past weekend! It was a lot of fun and definitely will become a new Christmas tradition!

I built a giant outdoor Jenga game last minute for the party and it was a hit! Total cost for that was $12 in lumber and a couple hours of my time. :) I'll share a tutorial later this week!

Have you guys decked the outside-halls for Christmas yet? Gone to any ugly sweater parties?

xx, Shannon

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Our Christmas Mantle


It's been madness in my household the past month! I started a new job, threw a few parties/gatherings, celebrated Aaron's birthday, hosted Thanksgiving, and of course, worked on the house!

I wanted to share some of our Christmas decorations before chocolate bunnies are in stores (heck, they may already be in stores at this rate!)

I figured I'd start with the mantle since this is the first time we've had one!! In the town home, I always just decorated the staircase! But this year Santy will be squeezing his big behind down the chimney! Whether he likes it or not, muahaha!!

Here's the mantle all decked out for Christmas!

Surprise! We painted the faux brick (they're not actual bricks, they're thin brick-like tiles!) hearth white (BM Simply White in Semi-Gloss)! I think it looks SO much better!

Here's what it looked like before as a reminder (you can also see the old tan walls that are now BM Gray Owl)

I feel like it looks much more modern and streamlined white. Not bad for an hour of my time and leftover paint (aka zip, nada, zero, free… aka my favorite!)!

Here's a few more photos of the Christmas mantle decor

The stockings are from Pottery Barn, the stocking hangers from Homegoods, our deer friend is from White Faux Taxidermy, and the garland from Michaels.

I also decorated the built-ins to the right of the fireplace where our tv sits!

We add to our little Christmas village each year. :) I die for anything in miniatures!

And since our fire place is three-sided, I did a little bit of decorating on the side in the eat-in-kitchen, too! :)

The mirror was a clearance Homegoods find I spray painted gold, and the nutcracker was Homegoods as well. 

So that's our Christmas mantle! Have you guys begun decorating yet? We just finished the outside of the house, it looks A-MAZ-ING! I'll share that tomorrow. :)

xx, Shannon

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