A Fancy Chandy in the Foyer


After we painted the foyer my absolute favorite paint color -- Gray Owl -- and hung my favorite flower prints on the wall, I knew it was time to add a little bit more schnaziness and overall glam to the space. Basically I wanted to up the WOW factor because 1. I like to be WOWed, 2. I'm trying to embrace my inner fancy person (pinky up as I type) and 3. Since this is the first space you see when walking into our home, it just seems right!

The original chandelier (can I really call it that?!) was okay. It served it's purpose of lighting our entry but why stop there? Why should that light only fulfill it's one purpose in life?! Why shouldn't that light try to go above and beyond?! That light should be glamorous and fabulous in every way possible! I DEMAND THAT LIGHT TO SPARKLE AND SHINE!

Enter a Lamps Plus Open Box email that reminded me to do my weekly check of their inventory to see if there is something I just can't live another day without (and probably do not need!).

And there it was. It was sparkly. It was shiny. It was like 75% off and only $200. 

The next few minutes were a blur, but I faintly remember them happening like this.

I removed my imaginary spectacles, like so:
Then, I looked over at Aaron like this:

Then he looked back at me, like this:

NO?! I could not take no for an answer. Time to bring in the heavy artillery:

Suddenly his demeanor changed, and he looked like this:
And basically that's how I got my new chandelier. :)

Here's a few more glamour shots!

View from the living room.

View from the dining room.

Close up!

And as a reminder, the old chandelier and how the foyer looked when we bought our home:
It doesn't look like Lamps Plus sells this light anymore (probably why it was being sold heavily discounted in Open Box). Here's the closest thing I could find on their site currently. This light looks to be much smaller and with less crystals (ours has 90). Ours also has 7 halogen bulbs and this one only has 5.

So to update the foyer to-do list:

Paint -- Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
Hang flower prints that used to hang over couch in townhome
New light fixture (already ordered something!)
Find a console table
Paint door? No idea on what color.
Rug that better fits space
Finishing touches

We've made some additional progress here so stay tuned! :)

xx, Shannon 

P.s. Aaron loves the light and is quite thankful that I batted my eyelashes at him and begged and pleaded for it to become mine. :)

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  1. hahahahaaaaa ahh you had me giggling at work (i LOVE spongebob too) and i love the light. it's perfect -

    still laughing

  2. Love the Chandelier - adds so much sparkle to the space - :)

  3. Your chandelier is gorgeous! How tall are your ceilings? I have really low 8 ft ceilings, so as much as I've wanted a chandelier in my entry and upstairs hallways, I've put off looking at anything because I felt like they would all hang too low and look absolutely ridiculous, lol.

    1. They're pretty tall! 10 feet if I'm not mistaken! HAHA! Imagine this bad boy with an 8 foot ceiling... "welcome to my home, please walk around the chandelier as you enter" HAHA!

  4. Oh my goodness—it's fabulous!

  5. OMG, yes, you definitely needed that awesome chandelier in your foyer! I love it - it just makes the whole space a little more playful!

    1. I know it was a TOTAL necessity, RIGHT?! :) Thanks Brynne!

  6. you should go with a red door!!! or a bright color of any sort. I've always thought a bright door looked good.

  7. Sweet baby Jesus, that is beautiful! I'm obsessed!!!!

  8. It looks amazing! Can't wait to see what else you have done! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  9. Poor Aaron, he never had a chance did he? haha! I love it! It looks like the new place is coming along beautifully!


  10. this looks so awesome! your prior chandelier looks kinda similar to what we have in our dining room now (and I can't wait to get rid of it). i'll be scouring lamps plus clearance section!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

    1. Seriously, STALK IT! I won't judge! And you'll find something awesome for basically free!

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