Our Wedding Day - Part 1


Hi all!

Hope you had a great Christmas!
Before the New Year rolls along, I wanted to pop in to share some of our wedding photos. :)

Our wedding was absolutely perfect and worth every headache and panic attack I endured in the months leading up to the big day!

I have a bajillion photos to share but don't want to make this the slowest loading post ever so I'll start with getting ready and before the ceremony photos! :)

I'll be back later this week and next to share ceremony photos, venue details, reception photos, and then our day after session. :)

I'll post sources at the bottom! For now, just sit back and enjoy our day!

All photos taken by our extremely talented photographer, Regina as the Photographer.
Ceremony Dress - Essence of Australia
Reception Dress - Sue Wong
Shoes - Kate Spade and Toms
Headpiece - Gadegaard Design
Garters - Gadegaard Design
Bridesmaid Dresses - Cache
Getting Ready Robes - Silk And More
Groom and Groomsmen - Vera Wang Black
Groom's Cufflinks - White Truffle Studio
Socks - Nordstrom Rack
Bowties - H&M

Hope you guys enjoyed the first peek at our special day! Let me know any questions in the comments! :)

xx, Shannon

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  1. Gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more!!

  2. Oh man, these photos are some of the most gorgeous I've ever seen. Truly. They're so crisp and there's this warm quality that I'm just loving. You had a great photographer here. And of course, you look amazing and happy!

  3. Oh my gosh....I absolutely love every detail of your wedding! I can't wait to see post-ceremony!!!

  4. I had the pleasure of having my wedding at this place for Las Vegas Weddings last September and it was great! From pre-wedding questions to post-wedding cleanup they kept up with the expectations of my very traditional parents and crazy friends.


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