New Faucet in the Kitchen


I recently enlisted my Dad and Aaron's help to install an awesome new faucet in the kitchen! National Builder Supply was kind enough to send me their Danze Parma Single Handle Kitchen Faucet. I absolutely love the industrial look and feel that it lends to the space.

Installation of the faucet itself was easy. We did have to lift the super heavy sink up just to remove the old faucet (which was a pain in the booty but totally worth it!). Also, since we went from a faucet with 3 holes down to a faucet with only one hole, I had to plug the other two holes with sink hole covers. There was also a great deal of rust around the holes that was visible even with the plugs in place so I remedied that with some porcelain touch up paint (I bought mine at Ace Hardware but that's the kind I used and I definitely recommend it. It was really easy to use and self-leveling). :) Looks good as new!

We've been using the faucet now for about a month or two (I wanted to make sure I loved it before I blogged about it) and I am so happy with not only the look, but the function! The old faucet was not only ugly, the spout was so low that I could barely put a large pot under it to fill it with water. Now I have more than enough space to fill the sink with dishes fill a pot of water with ease. :)

My only complaint is that now I want to start working on the kitchen, HA! I keep telling myself, I need to finish that freakin' chicken coop first!

But, it doesn't hurt to just look, right?

Here's some kitchens I'm absolutely loving right now!

All really different, but all so beautiful! Can't wait to get started!!
xx, Shannon


Thank you to National Builder Supply for providing me with the fun, new faucet. They did not ask me to write a positive review of their product. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Building a chicken coop is hard work


You guys. I suck.

I've been a little quiet on the blog front. This probably has to do with the fact that I am trying to plan my wedding (which, by the way -- holy crap!! -- is a lot of work). You've got tastings, consultations, bridal shows, a bajillion phone calls and emails to keep up with; basically, it's insane and I don't recommend it. Okay, I'm kidding, it's freakin' crazy but it's also SOOO exciting!!!

I can't believe I get to marry my best friend in 7 months!!!!

I owe you all a wedding update.


I am writing this tonight to tell you about something else I have been working on like a crazy person.

If you follow along on Instagram (@fabvintage) you've already seen the cutest/newest members of our family!



About two weeks later... Getting bigger! But still SOOOO cute I want to stare at them all day.

And taken today. Uhm, still cute but in a motherly love kind of way. HAHA!

My velociraptors chicks need a home. So instead of buying an overpriced, tiny one off these great internets, I decided to build them a chicken coop mansion. From scratch. With wood and screws and power tools.

I had a vision, looked at photos of coops for literally hours each night for a week, and then drew up some sketches and went to town. I really had no idea how the thing would turn out (let alone if it would collapse the first time I stood inside of it), but guys... this thing is the real deal!

Framing out the walls with 2x4s

I literally was thinking to myself "holy crap I actually built this" as I took this photo

Power tools YEAH!

And taken today! Run is taking shape!

Ahhh I can't wait for the coop to be done! :) It feels awesome building something like this with your own hands!

So that's where I've been. I'm hoping to have the coop done in the next week or so, so I'll be sure to check back in then with some more pictures!

Until then, your best bet is to catch me on Instagram sharing pictures and videos of the chicks and coop updates. :) @fabvintage

Any of you guys have chickens or built something like this before? I'd love to hear about it!

xx, Shannon

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