Once You Go Black...


You become absolutely obsessed and want to paint everything in your house black; or at least that's how I'm feeling!
Thanks to all your input, I stuck with it and finished the second coat of black, and I absolutely love it!

It seriously makes the house look much more modern. Also helps that I pressure washed the siding and front porch last week. I looooaaaaathhhee pollen.

Next on the list to replace is that dinky door knob and those tiny lights! Ooh and new rocker cushions!
xx, Shannon

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Help! Front Door Paint Color?!


Hi all! With the warmer temperatures lately, I've been itching to get outdoors and work on sprucing up our patios, flower beds, and the yard in general (though thats mostly Aaron's realm, I really just dump the wheelbarrow lol).

Our front door's paint job has definitely seen better days. It's faded, chipping, and overall I was just ready for a change.

So I messed around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer tool (seriously, so cool!) and decided that I wanted to paint the front door black. We're kinda limited with colors since the roof and trim of our white house is a dark green. I thought black would be a nice, modern touch and would help tone down the red in the faux brick on the patio.

This photo is after the first coat, and I'm second guessing myself.

I threw in the new doormat, wreath, and basket/hydrangea to try and better visualize and I'm still not sure... Do I paint the second coat and see if it's just that throwing me off? Or do I switch this up completely?

Here's a few other options I liked. I'm really digging the 3 darker blues (Honorable, Loyal, and Naval).

The Tanager is kind of funny to throw in there since the door was originally red, lol.

So what do you guys think? Paint the second coat of Black (BM Onyx) or switch to one of the blues? Or did you like a different color better?


xx, Shannon

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