Savannah Babymoon


A couple of weeks ago we decided pretty last minute that we wanted to take one last trip together, just the two of us! It's really starting to sink in that life as we know it is about to change so we figured what the heck! We packed a bag, booked a cheap hotel (I'm obsessed with Priceline bidding... anyone else use that? I love to research the possible hotels that I could win right before placing my bid... usually I can guess the exact hotel we'll win and we save a ton of money on our room!!) hopped in the car and drove to one of our absolute favorite vacation spots, Savannah. Savannah's only about a 4.5 hour drive from our house. Just long enough that you're happy to get out of the car once you're there but not so long that you contemplate killing one another mid-way through (the 10 hour drive to my parent's house is another story HAHA!). :)

Aaron and I have been to Savannah together 3 times now (I've been an extra time with my bridesmaids for my Bachelorette party last year) and every time we leave with a deeper love for the city.

The historic district has so much to see and is all accessible by foot. Tons of little boutique shops, restaurants, and bars to explore and all of the gorgeous historic homes and squares to take in.
I love just walking around and looking at all the old homes. The charm in that city is on another level.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency which is located right on River Street. The hotel was nice and the location was perfect. Super close to all of the shops and restaurants. Great sunsets and views of the bridge and river right from our room.

We mostly just took it easy, walked, browsed, ate, and enjoyed our time together. We had to take lots of walking breaks seeing as I am smuggling a watermelon under my shirt and my feet and ankles have decided that they now want to start swelling to the likes of the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. I'm not kidding. I have giant, marshmallow man feet. Mmm marshmallows. Now I want a s'more.

S'more what?

You stop that.

Where was I? Food distracts me lately. Okay so we walked and had ate and walked some more. I was always rewarded with ice creams #besthubbyever so I was a happy camper!

The morning of our last day we were able to meet up with Celine and her hubby Justin for brunch! Celine blogs over at Aquahaus where she used to share her amazing mid-century home and decorating skills for all the world to drool over. Now, her and her hubby (plus their two pups!) are on a cross country road trip in their adorable aqua airstream and she's blogging about all of their adventures along the way! Be sure to check her out! She's the best!! Isn't it crazy how the internet works? Internet friends becoming real friends is my favorite. :)

We had such a fun time in Savannah. I can't wait to take Baby Z with us on our next trip! :)

xx, Shannon

P.S. Baby Z is still nestled inside nice and comfy! Only 10 days until due date! Please don't make us wait much longer!!!! :) Okay, time to go eat breakfast.

Kidding!! Maybe...

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Ripping out the old floors


There was a lot of work that had to be done before we would be able to install the new floors.

We had to tear out carpet (easy peasy!!), tile (not as easy peasy but not terrible), and glued-down engineered hardwood (torture... an absolutely miserable task). I say "we" but I have to give major props to Aaron because being pregnant it really wasn't safe for me to use the bigger tools that we rented to tackle the tile and hardwood. He's basically a floor removal pro at this point! Love you sweetie!

As a refresher, here's what the entry, dining room, living room, and kitchen flooring looked like when we moved in.

Ripping out the tile in the kitchen, eat-in area, hallway and laundry room took us probably about 8-10 hours total. We ended up renting a demolition hammer which made things a lot easier but Aaron also used a wonder bar and hammer for the harder to reach areas. We used a floor scraper attachment on the demo hammer to remove the leftover mortar from the concrete subfloor since we needed a nice and smooth surface in order to install the new floor.

We purchased a Bagster for all of our tile debris. It wasn't necessarily cheap but definitely made the job easier!

The carpet was easily removed from the dining room and living room. That was child's play when you compared to the work we had just done in the kitchen. This took less than an hour.

And then came the foyer. Damn that foyer. It's a small probably 9' x 14' area that literally was the bane of our existence. The glued down engineered hardwood was glued directly to the concrete subfloor and absolutely did not want to budge! We tried loosening the glue with a heat gun, didn't help. Then we tried drilling holes and pouring water on the floors to loosen the glue, NOTHING (but a mess LOL)!! What ended up working best for us (and it still was a pain) was setting the circular saw to the height of the floor and cutting perpendicular to the direction the floors were laid in 12" rows. Then we used the demo hammer with the floor scraper to try and loosen each 12" section of floor. Aaron would use the tool and I would help pull/pry the piece up as he was working under it. This was a slow process but it worked -- took 4-6 hours total. I will say though that the glue was SUPER sticky! We had to wear gloves and be really careful about standing on the concrete subfloor where the glue was. We kept getting stuck! Lesson learned: do NOT walk on the glue without shoes on. #pregobrain

Here are some in-progress shots!

Once we finally got that done, the next thing we needed to tackle before the new floors could be installed was removing the built-in in the living room.

This part of the project involves renting a large van, filling said van with many, many pounds of debris, letting it sit overnight on the lawn (because I was confused on what day of the week it actually was... woops!! -- can I blame #pregobrain twice in one post?!) and a call to the tow truck company. This is still a sore subject with Aaron, but it's been long enough that I think we can all laugh about it now... or just I can laugh about it. Either one. Let's talk about that fiasco next post! :)

xx, Shannon

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Preparing for Baby Z


Our biggest DIY project the past few months has been preparing ourselves for our little mystery babe to arrive! Btw I am basically DYING to know if there's a little boy or a little girl in my belly. Eeee! We'll know soon enough!

When I found out I was pregnant back in January, I pretty much received the swiftest kick in the butt EVER! This new 9 month countdown that was suddenly looming over my head was just the motivation I needed to get a project list mapped out and a timeline assigned to each task on the list.

We had BIG goals for the house that we wanted to complete before baby's arrival because let's face it, nothing is happening on the project front here right after baby is born. We'll be too busy snuggling that new little human and I am relatively certain that we will be consumed with laundry (we're cloth diapering) and just trying to stay showered/fed. :)

Here's the big guys I had included on my Before Baby project list:

New floors throughout the house
Tear out living room built-in and re-configure that room's layout
Nursery -- Top to bottom overhaul!
Laundry room makeover
Get the kitty litter moved out of the 3rd bathroom and into the garage (this was huge to me)
Move the dining table to the eat-in kitchen and turn the dining room into my office
Turn old office into 2nd guest bedroom
Spruce up the outside

I am SO happy/relieved to say that with 1 month until baby's due date, we have tackled everything on that list!!

I'm excited to share with you all some of the progress we've made over here! This house looks nothing like it did when we moved in 2 years ago. :) Hope you're as excited to see as I am to share! Stay tuned!!

Oh and just for fun, here are some Instagram pics from the past few months! Be sure to follow along @fabvintage to stay up-to-date with all things house and Baby Z! :)

xx, Shannon

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Baby Z's Gender Neutral Nursery


As I shared yesterday, we won't be finding out the gender of Baby Z until birth! That's why we decided that Baby Z was a fitting name for our little peanut. I feel funny saying "he" or "she" when I really have no clue if it is a boy or girl in there and I definitely didn't want to say "it"! Our last name begins with Z so Baby Z it is. :)

We have started purchasing some of the major pieces in the nursery so I thought it would be nice to share a little mood board I created!

I fell in love with that crib many many months ago (before we were even pregnant) and I knew I just had to have it for the nursery! My mom knew that too and that's why she very sneakily ordered it for us and had it shipped to our house. :)

The thing I am most excited about though is that wallpaper!!!! We plan to use it on an accent wall! I've already ordered it and it's been delivered, now I just need to get it up on the wall! I secretly stare at it every day. Would petting it be stepping to far? Nah, I'm pregnant... I am learning I can do weird things and people brush it off as cute/normal because I'm growing an alien inside of me. :)

Let me know in the comments if you're interested in knowing sources of any of the other items I've pictured above!

And of course for good measure, here's a belly pic from last weekend. :) I really just started showing in the past couple of weeks.

SO crazy to think that we're having a baby!!!!

xx, Shannon

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Baby Z Nursery Inspiration


I can't believe I am already 18 weeks!! Baby Z will be making his/her appearance before we know it so it's time to start thinking NURSERY!!!!!

This is probably the most exciting part so far of this adventure. We've decided to stay Team Green and not find out the gender of our little peanut until birth so I can't really get excited by clothes shopping or anything super gender specific. Baby's room though, that's another story!

I have been stalking Pinterest, blogs, design magazines, Instagram, WHEREVER I can go to get nursery inspiration and so far this is what I'm loving. :)

Please pin from original source, thanks!

Project Nursery

Charleston Mag

Any ideas on original source?

Design Sponge

It's clear that I am leaning very neutral when it comes to the main pieces in the room. Crib, glider, dresser, rug, I want all of those main pieces to be a neutral base -- think whites, grays, and wood tones. Then we can bring in color and personality through textiles, art, books, toys, etc!

Check back tomorrow for the nursery mood board I've come up with. :) I'm so excited to share!

Anyone else stay Team Green with their little peanut? Surprisingly I'm not dying to know the gender! I think finding out at birth is the most genuine surprise you can ever have. :)

xx, Shannon

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We're Having a Baby!


Hi all!!

If you follow along on Instagram - @fabvintage - you saw our big announcement on Saturday! Our family of two will become a family of three in September!

We are absolutely thrilled to be having a baby! I have already started brainstorming ideas for the nursery which in itself is extremely exciting!! We aren't finding out the gender of Baby Z until birth so the nursery design is a little extra challenging. I'm up for it!

Now that a baby is on the way, we're really motivated to get some of the bigger projects we've been planning crossed off our list. Our house is currently a disaster zone as we are preparing to lay the new floors throughout!

Aaron ripped up the tile in the kitchen, eat-in area, and the hall a couple weeks ago and we've been living in a construction zone ever since!

#myhubbyismyhero :)

We did already complete the floors in one room, the future nursery of course! :) I am so happy with the flooring we chose!

I'll be sharing photos of the new floors later this week. 

I've also been pinning nursery inspiration like crazy and want to share those ideas too!

So exciting!!! :)

xx, Shannon

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