Our Wedding Day - Part 2


Hi all!

I wanted to pop in to share ceremony photos with you today! If you missed it, I last shared getting ready and first look photos.

We had a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony in the most beautiful church in Tampa! We went through the entire pre-cana process and Aaron even attended adult confirmation classes. :) After experiencing such a beautiful wedding ceremony, I am so happy we chose the route that we did. The whole ceremony was so magical. :)

Okay enough chit chat, here are some photos!

I'll post sources at the bottom. :)

All photos taken by our extremely talented photographer, Regina as the Photographer.
Ceremony Dress - Essence of Australia
Bridesmaid Dresses - Cache
Groom and Groomsmen - Vera Wang Black
Bowties - H&M

Church - Sacred Hearth Catholic Church

Next wedding post I'll be sharing venue and reception photos! :) :)

xx, Shannon

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  1. So very stunning, every aspect of it! Swoon!

  2. This is undoubtedly the most special event venue in the city. At banquet halls in Miami we had 6 passed appetizers with the Liguria table which consisted of steamed veggies and fruits and breads. I didn't even care that I'd just been to another feast less than 12 hours ago. I could not stop eating.


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