Baby Z's Gender Neutral Nursery


As I shared yesterday, we won't be finding out the gender of Baby Z until birth! That's why we decided that Baby Z was a fitting name for our little peanut. I feel funny saying "he" or "she" when I really have no clue if it is a boy or girl in there and I definitely didn't want to say "it"! Our last name begins with Z so Baby Z it is. :)

We have started purchasing some of the major pieces in the nursery so I thought it would be nice to share a little mood board I created!

I fell in love with that crib many many months ago (before we were even pregnant) and I knew I just had to have it for the nursery! My mom knew that too and that's why she very sneakily ordered it for us and had it shipped to our house. :)

The thing I am most excited about though is that wallpaper!!!! We plan to use it on an accent wall! I've already ordered it and it's been delivered, now I just need to get it up on the wall! I secretly stare at it every day. Would petting it be stepping to far? Nah, I'm pregnant... I am learning I can do weird things and people brush it off as cute/normal because I'm growing an alien inside of me. :)

Let me know in the comments if you're interested in knowing sources of any of the other items I've pictured above!

And of course for good measure, here's a belly pic from last weekend. :) I really just started showing in the past couple of weeks.

SO crazy to think that we're having a baby!!!!

xx, Shannon

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Baby Z Nursery Inspiration


I can't believe I am already 18 weeks!! Baby Z will be making his/her appearance before we know it so it's time to start thinking NURSERY!!!!!

This is probably the most exciting part so far of this adventure. We've decided to stay Team Green and not find out the gender of our little peanut until birth so I can't really get excited by clothes shopping or anything super gender specific. Baby's room though, that's another story!

I have been stalking Pinterest, blogs, design magazines, Instagram, WHEREVER I can go to get nursery inspiration and so far this is what I'm loving. :)

Please pin from original source, thanks!

Project Nursery

Charleston Mag

Any ideas on original source?

Design Sponge

It's clear that I am leaning very neutral when it comes to the main pieces in the room. Crib, glider, dresser, rug, I want all of those main pieces to be a neutral base -- think whites, grays, and wood tones. Then we can bring in color and personality through textiles, art, books, toys, etc!

Check back tomorrow for the nursery mood board I've come up with. :) I'm so excited to share!

Anyone else stay Team Green with their little peanut? Surprisingly I'm not dying to know the gender! I think finding out at birth is the most genuine surprise you can ever have. :)

xx, Shannon

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