House Tour - First House

Our first home was a foreclosure townhouse that we purchased in 2011 and later sold in 2013.

When we first walked into the townhouse, it was apparent that it needed some a lot of work. Clearly I am from another planet, because this was exactly what I wanted! A house that had great potential because I was ready to make that baby shine!

Notice the abundance of fabulous colors. I thought about keeping them, but then decided that I just wasn't feeling the blue/green/red/purple vibe.

We brought all of our current furniture from our apartment and made it work. First major thing we did was run to the paint store, pick out a fun color, and paint the entire house! (Remind me never to do that again).

A few months later and I finally started understanding my own personal style. The yellow had to go. We painted over the yellow with a light gray (BM Intense White), bought a new loveseat and couch, I built a fauxdenza to use as our media cabinet, built a coffee table, gave the half bath under the stairs a face lift, replaced the carpet on the steps, purchased new appliances, installed a kitchen backsplash, added knobs and pulls to our cabinets, and upgraded lighting as we went along.

The upstairs was just as crazily painted and builder basic as the downstairs. An extra perk to the upstairs was the absolutely disgusting carpet!

We ripped out the carpet and installed laminate flooring, painted, painted again (are you surprised?!), spruced up the laundry nook, organized the guest bedroom, created a master oasis, DIY'd a tufted headboard, and completely gutted and remodeled our bathroom (my favorite project!).


  1. Your bathroom looks as tiny as ours, this photo gives me hope for our future remodel! Do you know the square footage?

    1. Hey Rebekah :) Without including the shower/tub area, I'd say the space was 5' by 5' (and that may be generous). Good luck with your remodel!

  2. I love those flower prints over your couch! Where did you get them? (PS - We are moving to Tampa from Nashville - getting lots of inspiration from your blog for our new house!)


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